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Version 1 (made by BrittalCroftFan, do not edit, add, or delete!)

(for Steven Spielberg)

  • 8783/Royal Claude (from RWS) as Mickey Mouse
  • The Old Engine (from RWS) as Donald Duck
  • Amy the Tank Engine (made up tank engine) as Minnie Mouse
  • Fifi the Magical Engine (made up magical engine) as Daisy Duck
  • 10751 (from RWS) as Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
  • Mallard (from RWS) as The Phantom Blot
  • Adams (from RWS) as Ansem
  • The Work Diesel (from RWS) as Lumiere
  • Knuckles the Express Engine (made-up express engine) as Cogsworth
  • Albert (from RWS) as Fifi
  • Dr. Robotnik the Claw Engine (made-up claw engine) as Xehanort
  • Spiteful Metal Sonic (made-up spiteful brakevan) as Vanitas
  • The Diesel Shunter (from RWS) as The Horned King
  • Percy as Plucky Duck
  • Ferdinand as Dizzy Devil
  • Thomas as Buster Bunny
  • Lady as Babs Bunny
  • Patrick as Dr. Gene Splicer
  • Diesel 12 as Gaston
  • Diesel 18 as Cruella Devil
  • Diesel 1984 as Hades
  • Diesel 100 as LeFou
  • Diesel 15 as Coachman
  • Diesel 13 as The Huntsman
  • Diesel 21 as Jafar
  • Diesel 1993 as Mr. Winkie
  • Diesel 84, 00000000, 00000000000 as Xehanort's Heartless
  • Diesel 8 (from TTMA) as Honest John
  • Shadow (from TTMA) as Gideon
  • Troublesome Wolves (made-up troublesome trucks) as Pink Elephants
  • Troublesome Cupids (made-up toublesome trucks) as Beagle Boys
  • Bertie as Bugs Bunny

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