Thomas/Wordgirl is a parody with Wordgirl Sounds and Thomas Clips and it will come out November 30,2012 by Kenny Redman.

  • Emily as Becky Botsford
  • Thomas as Captain Huggyface
  • Henry as Mr. Botsford
  • Rosie as Mrs. Botsford
  • Percy as TJ
  • Diesel as Dr. TwoBrains
  • Arry and Bert as the henchmen
  • Bulgy as Chuck the Evil Sandwich Making Guy
  • Diesel 10 as The Butcher
  • Daisy, Jenna (fan made), and Elizabeth as Lady Redundant Woman
  • James as Scoops
  • Gordon as Bo Handsome
  • Edward as Phil
  • Duck as Tommy
  • Mavis as Emily
  • Bulgy as Mr. Big
  • Belle as Becky in her supersuit

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