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  • Thomas as Ringo
  • Percy as Paul
  • Toby as John
  • James as George
  • Edward as Lord Fred
  • Duke as Lord Mayor
  • Gordon as Sylvester the Cat
  • Sonic as Himself
  • Emily as Betty Boop
  • TUGS Characters as Musics
  • Olive (from Justin Time: The Big Stone Circle) as Lynette McDade
  • Diesel 10 as Head Blue Meanie
  • Diesel as Max
  • George as The Apple Bonkers
  • Bulgy as The Clowns
  • Hector as The Blue Tall Army Guards
  • Bulstrode as The Butterfly Stompers
  • Smudger as The Snapping Turtle Terps
  • Troublesome Trucks as The Other Blue Meanies
  • Pinchy as The Flying Glove
  • Jeremy as Jeremy Hilary Boob
  • Rusty as John 2
  • Peter Sam as Paul 2
  • Rheneas as George 2
  • Sir Handel as Ringo 2
  • Wilbert as The Snapping Bird Beak Monster
  • Victor as The Whale Monsters
  • Arthur as The Talking Turtle Monster
  • Murdoch as The Twin Cannon Kangaroo Monsters
  • Spencer as The Teapot Tapir Monster
  • Old Stuck Up as The Sucking Bird Monster

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