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  • James as Vyvyan (James is a better Vyvyan than Percy)
  • Thomas as Rick (Thomas and Rick are both cheeky boys)
  • Henry as Neil (Henry and Neil both love nature and have depression)
  • Gordon as Mike (Gordon and Mike are both leaders)
  • Diesel as The TV License Man (Diesel and the TV License Man are both evil)
  • Donald as Jerzy Balowski (Donald suits Jerzy)
  • Douglas as Billy Balowski (Douglas suit Billy)
  • Toby as Cliff Richard (Toby and Cliff Richard are both peaceful)
  • Edward as Bambi (Edward and Bambi are both sensible)
  • Emily, Molly, Rosie and Mavis as The Amazulu
  • Daisy as Vyvyan's Mom

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