Thomas/Zach'sWholeLife(feat.more characters from other shows)

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Zach as Thomas

Will as Edward

Marco as Henry

Jonathan as Gordon

Nicholas as James

Jacob as Percy

Gene as Toby

Joshua as Duck

Mike and Andy as Donald and Douglas

David Fineman as Oliver

Chris F. as Diesel

Zach B. and Jordan as Bill and Ben

Mr. Torella as Boco

Daniella as Daisy

Angelica as Mavis

Douglas S. as Stepney

Emily Walsh as Emily

Teddy as Bertie

Captain Matt as Salty

George W. as Harvey

Alfonso and his bro as Arry and Bert

CAL as Fergus

The Super Mario Characters as Skarloey Engines

Mario as Skarloey

Luigi as Rheneas

Donkey Kong as Sir Handel

Chunky Kong as Peter Sam

Toad as Rusty

Waluigi as Duncan

Toadsworth as Duke

Detective Herlock Sholmes as Ivo Hugh

Pianta as Fred

Oogtar as Mark V

Funky Kong as Bertram

Taj as Proteus

Lanky Kong as Fearless Freddie

Stanley as Colin

Kiddy Kong as Luke

Daisy as Madge

Jimmy P. and Jimmy T. as Mighty Mac

Arthur as Arthur

Peach (from Mario) as Lady

Robo Ztron as Diesel 10

Kling and Klong as Splatter and Dodge

Vincent as Sir Topham Hatt

Tamar as Terence

Ian as Trevor

Thomas (Zach's former frog) as Toad

Derek as Derek

H101- Robo Ztron Grunt as Bulgy

The Mean Woman on TestTrack as Elizabeth

Her Son as George

The Strongman as Murdoch

Austin as Spencer

Hermie the Lovebug (From Hermie the Lovebug) as Caroline

Scrooge (From A Christmas Carol) as Cranky

Connor as S.C.Ruffey

Mr. Whitfield as Mr. Percival

Kevin C. as Harold

Maya S. as Rosie

Homework, Pillows, Work and more as Troublesome Trucks

Bowser (from Mario) as Smudger

Sea Rogue (From TUGS) as Bulstrode

Stanley as Stanley

H102 as The Spiteful Brakevan

The Sonic Characters as The Pack

Sonic as Jack

Tails as Alfie

Uncle Chuck as Kelly

Sallly as Isobella

Espio as Oliver (the pack)

Knuckles as Byron

Big as Ned

Rotor as Buster

Antoine as Patrick

Chuck as Nelson

Klump and Krusha (from Donkey Kong Country) as Max and Monty

Vector as Nigel

Red, Blue and Green Koopa Kids (From Super Mario) as The Horrid Lorries

H103 as The Diesel

Jeff B. as Whiff

Kyle B. as Scruff

Lazy Farmer as Dennis

Jay Jay the Jet Plane (From Jay Jay the Jet Plane) as Jeremy

Romy as Molly

Matthew as Billy

Penny Morris (From Fireman Sam) as Belle

Fireman Sam (From Fireman Sam) as Flynn

Ramzi as Charlie

John F. as Hector

Sam the Eagle as Hank

Marilyn as Flora

Michael and Alex as Bash and Dash

Jonathan K. as Ferdinand

Splasher (from Bob the Builder) as Captain

Paul Berstch as Victor

Mark as Kevin

Pokemon characters as Dieselwork Diesels

Arbok and Seviper as Den and Dart

Tyranitar as Norman

Cacnea as Paxton

Wobbufet as Sidney

Koopa Troopa (from Mario) as Owen

Goomba (from Mario) as Merrick

The Hummer as Winston

The King from Medieval Times as Stephen

Carter P. as Connor

Cassi. P. as Caitlin

Princess Caitlyn as Millie

Dave Quartell as Sir Robert Norrmaby

Terry as Porter

JT as Gator

Adam Weiner as Timothy

Sarah G. as Marion

Dirtyman as Reg

Paul (from the high school) as Samson

Chatot (from Pokemon) as Skiff

Ryan as Ryan

Phantom the Pirate (from Pokemon) as Sailor John