• Thomas as Mike
  • Gordon as Sulley
  • Diesel as Randall
  • Toby as Art
  • James as Don Carlton
  • Percy as Squishy
  • Donald and Douglas as Terri Perry and Terry Perry
  • Daisy as Dean Hardscrabble
  • Edward as Professor Knight
  • Lady as Claire Wheeler
  • Henry as Brock Pearson
  • Molly as Ms. Squibbles
  • Bertie as Archie
  • Diesel 10 as Johnny
  • Bulgy as Chet Alexander
  • Hector as Javior Rios
  • George as Reggie Jacobs
  • Spencer as Chip Goff
  • Dennis as Baboso Goretega
  • Duke as Dirk Pratt
  • The Spiteful Breakvan as Roy 'Big Red O'Growlahan
  • Duncan as Omar Harris
  • Billy as George Sanderson
  • Max/Monty as Percy Boleslaw
  • Emily as Carrie Williams
  • Pip (from RWS) as Heather Olson
  • Emma (from RWS) as Taylor Holobrook
  • Isobella as Crystal Du Bois
  • Old Slow Coach as Naomi Jackson
  • Henritta as Brittany Davis
  • Mavis as Donna Soohoo
  • Flora as Brynn Larson
  • Annie as Maria Garcia
  • Belle as Carla Delgado
  • Clarabel as Debbie Gabler
  • Caroline as Rosie Levin
  • Judge Judy as Nadya Petrov
  • Pinknose as Sonia Lewis
  • Martha as Susan Jensen
  • Edna as Rhonda Boyd
  • Rouge as Nancy Kim
  • Murdoch as Omega Howl
  • Terence as The Slug Student
  • Derek as Mr. Bile
  • Duck as Frank McCay

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