Version One (made by BrittanCroftFan)

  • Thomas as Orange
  • Toby as Apple
  • Percy as Pear
  • Gordon as Pumpkin
  • Billy as Tomato
  • Alfie as Santa Claus
  • Edward as Other Orange
  • Trucks, Annie and Clarabel as Orange Group
  • James as Football
  • Byron as Soccer Ball
  • Bill and Ben as Bananas
  • Neville as Lemon
  • Jack as Kiwi
  • Stepney as Apple (Season 2)
  • Diesel 10 as Jigsaw
  • and more

Version Two (made by TongueSpeakingFool) (Do Not Edit!, I Repeat Do Not Edit!, Or Your Arrested)

  • Billy as Orange (Both are the color Orange)
  • Duck as Pear
  • Mavis as Passion Fruit
  • Emily as Marshmellow (Do Not Edit!)
  • Oliver as Midget Apple
  • Duke as Grandpa Lemon (Do Not Edit!)
  • Diesal as Grapefruit
  • Diesal 10 as Knife (Do Not Edit!)
  • Duncan as Leprachaun
  • Skarloey as Apple (Do Not Edit!)
  • James as Tomato (Do Not Edit!)
  • Murdoch as Pumpkin (Do Not Edit!)
  • Toby as Santa (Do Not Edit!)
  • George as Pepper
  • Bill and Ben as Banana's (Do Not Edit!)
  • Terence as The Second Orange
  • Troublesome Trucks as Orange Clones (Do Not Edit!)
  • Daisy as Lady Pasta (Do Not Edit!)
  • The Flying Scotsman as Cabbage
  • Spencer as Pineapple (Do Not Edit!)
  • The Spiteful Brakevan as Jigsaw (Do Not Edit!)
  • Donald and Douglas as Sushis
  • Alfie as Wassabi
  • Whiff as Bonsai Tree (Do Not Edit!)
  • D261 as Charlie the Unicorn
  • Hank as Sqaush
  • The Horried Lorries as Trolls (Do Not Edit!)
  • Rhenaes as Mark
  • Elizabeth as Elizabeth Eggplant
  • Ted(From Tugs) as Eggplant
  • Jack as Plum (Do Not Edit!)
  • Hector as Dog Biscuit
  • Scruffy as Cuddles
  • Top Hat (from Tugs) as Crabapple
  • Bulstrode as Cereal Killer
  • Lady as Princess Butterfly Kiss
  • Rosie as Nectrarine
  • Bert, Rex, and Mike (from the RWS) as Blue Pig, Green Pig, and Red Pig

Version Three (made by Catdog04272)

  • Thomas as Orange
  • Toby as Pear
  • Lady as Passion Fruit
  • and more

Version Four

Billy as Orange (DO NOT EDIT)

Percy as Pear (DO NOT EDIT)

Skarloey as Apple

Murdoch as Pumpkin

James as Tomato

Gordon as Santa

Terence as Other Orange

Toby as Football

Oliver as Melon

Mavis as Passion Fruit

Peter Sam as Grapefruit

Thomas as Apple iPhone

Skarloey as Cheese

Duncan as Poataoe

Oliver as Pinapple

Bertie as Midget or Little Apple

Rheneas as Marshmallow (DO NOT EDIT)

and more


Version 1
  • Thomas would be annoying.
  • Toby would be bossy tram engine.
  • Percy would be buddy Thomas.
  • Gordon would be fat engine.
  • Billy would be a hot stuff.
  • and more
Version 2
  • Billy would be annoying.
  • Duck would be buddy Billy.
  • Mavis would be beautiful part.
  • Emily would a cute engine.
  • and more

Annoying Orange-Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Style

I watched some Annoying Orange episodes and I remember why I like the series so much, Orange and Pear are the almost identical Thomas and Percy!!!

I remember that in a episode of Thomas & Friends series, Percy's fur is green, just like Percy the Small Engine's paint. And what can say about Thomas and Orange at least for me they both have similar personalities, but the important part is that are main characters in their shows.

Coincidentally (and rather ironically), Percy's obsession with Thomas makes her an Pear to Thomas' Annoying Orange, as both Percy and Pear, aside from nearly sharing a name, idolize the main character of their respective series. Another coincidence is that their liveries are almost the same color as their fur.

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