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Thomas/The dreamstones is a parody with Thomas pictures and The dreamstones sounds.


  • S Hatt as Ruby/Car, Mudge Dreamstone
  • B Hatt as Pap Dreamstone


  • Rosie as Spildit
  • Eiz. as Wildit
  • Mr. Condoctor as Narrator
  • Sir Topham Hatt as the Dreammaker
  • Diesel as the Nightmaremaker
  • Thomas as Frizz, Rufus, Mr. Dreamstone
  • Emily as Amberley, Nug, Mrs. Dreamstone, Emily Rooke
  • Arthur as Mr. Blossom, Zip and Blossom, Bildit
  • Diesel 10 as Zordrak the Drak
  • S. as Sgt. Blob
  • GEORGE as Urpgor
  • Dancan as Thomas Rooke
  • Edward as Pildit
  • Diesel 10's Wife as Urpgor's Auntie
  • the Trucks as th 101 Bugs
  • the Train as the Monster to TICK-TOCK CROCODILE from Peter Pan
  • the Diesels as the 10 Flowers and the Urpneyvillages
  • Thomas and Friends as the Noopvillages
  • the Narrow Engines as the Watvillages
  • Duck and Percy as Rufus Jr. and Amberely Jr., Jordan Rooke
  • Daisy as Urpip
  • jAMES, HENRY, DaD, oLIVER as P.P.
  • Gordon as Hod
  • Toby as the Jolly Bird

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