Here's Part One of my fanmade Thomas & Duck Save Sir Topham Hatt movie. Narrated by Michael Brandon since I used his expression.

This part features:

  1. Opening Titles
  2. A Summer Day
  3. Thomas Taking A Nice Drink
  4. Thomas and Duck Talking About The Events on Summer
  5. The New Arrival of Diesel 5000 at the Dieselworks
  6. Diesel 5000 Making A Plan to Destroy Sir Topham Hatt
  7. Barney and BJ arriving on Sodor

Opening Credits

  • HiT Entertainment Presents
  • A Thomas & Friends Movie
  • Written by SHARON MILLER
  • Based on The Railway Series by The REV.W.AWDRY
  • Created by BRITT ALLCROFT
  • Directed by GREG TIREMAN


  • Michael Brandon: It was a summertime on the Island of Sodor. In the summer, all the engines are very busy. They take freight and passangers around the Island. It's Thomas favorite time of the year. He loves the summer. The water sparkles and there are beautiful flowers. One day, he met Duck at Maron Station.
  • Thomas: Hello Duck. How are you?
  • Duck: Hello Thomas. I'm good. How are you?
  • Thomas: I've been good too. I hope this summer is the best summer ever on Sodor.
  • Duck: Me too. I'm looking foward to the carnival and all the other fun events.
  • Michael Brandon: Just then, Duck's signal changed to green.
  • Duck: Goodbye Thomas. I have to go.
  • Thomas' Driver: Come on Thomas. You need a drink.
  • (Thomas puffs off to a water tower)
  • Michael Brandon: On the way to the water tower, he met Edward, Donald and Douglas.
  • Thomas: Hello Edward. Hello Donald. Hello Douglas.
  • Edward: Thomas, Donald & Douglas have been telling me a stories about a diesel.
  • Thomas: What's his name?
  • Donald: His name is Diesel 5000.
  • Douglas: He was the baddest engine in the world. When we lived in Scotland, Diesel 5000 was always causing trouble.
  • Donald: He made other engines have accidents which caused confusion and delay. Eventually, the controller had enough.
  • Douglas: He sent Diesel 5000 away. No one knows what happened to Diesel 5000 after that. Some say he was scrapped. Others say he travels around the world. It's all a mystery.
  • Thomas: Oh my.
  • Edward: Thomas, Sir Topham Hatt told us that a new engine will be arriving on Sodor.
  • Thomas: Who?
  • Edward: We don't know yet.
  • Michael Brandon: Suddenly, the engines heard a loud unfamiler horn.
  • Thomas: That must be the new engine.
  • Michael Brandon: A diesel engine raced by the four steamies.
  • The Diesel: Get out of my way, you useless steamies!
  • Thomas, Edward, Donald and Douglas: (scream)
  • Douglas: Oh no! It's him!
  • Thomas: Is that Diesel 5000?
  • Donald: Yes. That was him
  • Edward: Blistering Boilers!
  • Thomas: (snaps his scareness out of it) Sorry, can't stop. I am gonna get my drink. Good bye.
  • Edward: Bye, Thomas.
  • Donald and Douglas: Bye.
  • Michael Brandon: Thomas arrived at the water tower. He enjoyed it.
  • Thomas: (sighs) That's a great drink.
  • Michael Brandon: After that, Duck arrived after his journey. He told Thomas about it.
  • Duck: I've made through all the carvinal and events, Thomas.
  • Thomas: Thanks, Duck.
  • Duck: Do you know about the new diesel named Diesel 5000? (chuckles)
  • Thomas: Yes. He's really rude.
  • Duck: He destorys people and steam engines.
  • Thomas: Great. I will go back home and have a rest.
  • Duck: Great.
  • Michael Brandon: And Thomas went back home to have a rest. the new diesel called Diesel 5000 arrived at the Dieselworks where the diesels get repaired and scrap everything such as steamies.
  • Diesel 5000: Hello, everybody. My name is Diesel 5000.
  • Diesel 10: Hi, Diesel 5000.
  • Diesel 5000:
  • Diesel:
  • Arry & Bert:
  • Diesel 10: That's right.
  • Diesel 5000: I am the biggest diesel.
  • (later)
  • Michael Brandon: Later, Diesel 5000 was about to have a plan.
  • Diesel 5000: I will be making a plan to rip the controller on Sodor and I will take his place.
  • Diesel 10: Yes, Diesel 5000. You will.
  • Diesel 5000: I must think about it. That's it. I'll do it.
  • Michael Brandon: And Diesel 5000 oiled away from the Dieselworks. He went up into the top of Gordon's Hill.
  • Diesel 5000: Now, to rip Sir Topham Hatt into shreds with a knife, I will be the new controller of Sodor! (evil laugh)
  • Michael Brandon: And he oiled to the bottom of the hill. Meanwhile Barney and BJ arrived on Sodor.
  • Barney: Hi, everybody!
  • BJ: Hi everybody!
  • Thomas; Hi, Barney. Hi, BJ.
  • Duck: What did you come from? (laughs)
  • Barney: From the place where we help our friends learn,
  • BJ: Yeah. I like trains from the Island of Sodor. (chuckles)
  • Thomas: Great!
  • Duck: Thanks!
  • Barney: I am very smart.
  • BJ: So am I.

My Comments

  • ThomasandTommyPicklesFan: Awesome! It would be cool if this movie was real.
    • BarneyandBJSeason3Fan: Thanks, plus it looks real by using my wooden railway models. And it had special guests: Barney and BJ from Barney and Friends. And they have their 1995 designs and Season 3 voices from 1995. Also, I made CGI faces with my animation software.
  • DuckandKyleBroflovskiFan: What did you make your Diesel 5000 model?
  • YoshiandEricCartmanFan: Donalds scream made me lol.
  • TobyandMr.GarrisonFan: This movie is quite an interesting idea. How many minutes for the movie?
  • BJGlenQuagmireJamesandEricCartmanFan: I love when BJ says "Hi, everybody", because the sound clip is taken from the Barney & Friends Home Video: Barney Safety.
  • ThomasDuckJamesandRheneasFan: Do you use green screen effects to use the Barney and BJ Season 3 costumes and with their Season 3 voices?
  • SuperMalechi: I might make one too. Someday.
  • BarneyandRingoStarrFan: I love Donald's scream: Ahhh!!

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