There's the third and last part of my fanmade Thomas and Duck Save Sir Topham Hatt movie. Narrated by Michael Brandon since I used his expression.

This part features

  1. Thomas & Duck Destroy Diesel 5000
  1. Sir Topham Hatt Is Free & Rewards Thomas & Duck As Having A Whole Week Off
  1. Diesel 5000 Is Salvaged
  1. Sir Topham Hatt Punishes Diesel 5000 & Scraps Him
  1. Thomas & Duck Have A Whole Week Off


  • Michael Brandon: Later, Diesel 5000 arrived at a cliff.
  • Diesel 5000: Now, I've got you, Sir Topham Hatt. We're here.
  • Michael Brandon: His driver uncoupled him. And he went to another siding. Diesel 5000 was about to go to another siding to get a knife, but Thomas and Duck were already behind him.
  • Diesel 5000: Oh no! Those steamies are right behind me!
  • Thomas: It's the end of you now, Diesel 5000!
  • Duck: Your time is up!
  • Michael Brandon: Thomas and Duck blew their whistles angrily and loud, and they biffed into the back of Diesel 5000 and pushed him over the edge of the cliff.
  • Diesel 5000: (screams) NO!
  • Michael Brandon: Diesel 5000 fell into the deep ravine below. (loud smash)
  • Diesel 5000: Ow!!
  • Michael Brandon: Thomas and Duck cheered.
  • Thomas and Duck: Hooray!
  • Thomas: We've stopped Diesel 5000.
  • Duck: Yes, Sir Topham Hatt is so proud of us.
  • Michael Brandon: Sir Topham Hatt untied the ropes and was free.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Well done, Thomas and Duck. You have saved me from Diesel 5000, and, as your reward, you can have the rest of the week off.
  • Thomas: Thank you, sir.
  • Duck: Thomas, I was right!
  • Thomas: Thanks, Duck.
  • Duck: Let's go back home and have the rest of the week off!
  • Narrator: And Thomas and Duck went back to Tidmouth Sheds. A large crane was lifting something from the deep ravine. Edward and Stepney was with it. Something was Diesel 5000. But it didn't look like him. His claw had completely come off, making him without his weapon. His red paint had been completed scratched over, making him a ugly grey. His windows were smashed. His front and back ends were broken. His sides were badly ripped into, creating two holes. The top of him was cracked. And worse of all, his chassis was all twisted.
  • Diesel 5000: (opens his eyes) What happened... Did I...destroy myself?
  • Edward: Looks like you were a pile of scrap.
  • Stepney: That's right, Edward.
  • Edward: Let's take you to the yard to see Sir Topham Hatt. Then, he'll scrap you.
  • Stepney: Yeah.
  • Michael Brandon: Diesel 5000's face went red as the signal. Edward and Stepney took him to Tidmouth Yard to see Sir Topham Hatt. On the way, they met Donald and Douglas.
  • Edward: Hello, Donald.
  • Stepney: Hello, Douglas.
  • Donald & Douglas: Hello, Edward and Stepney. What happened to that silly wee diesel.
  • Edward: He was destroyed.
  • Stepney: Yeah, looks like he is now a heap of scrap.
  • Michael Brandon: Diesel 5000 stayed silent.
  • Donald: He looks like a scrap metal, right, Douggie.
  • Douglas: Yeah, Donal', ya are right.
  • Michael Brandon: Edward and Stepney pulled Diesel 5000 into the yard. Soon they brought him into the yard. Sir Topham Hatt was standing there and he spoke crossly to Diesel 5000.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Diesel 5000, you had threatened to rip me into shreds, and Thomas and Duck had stopped you, so they have to have the rest of the week off!! I will have no money to repair you! And, as punishment, I'll send you to the Dieselworks to have you scrapped!
  • Diesel 5000: No! Don't scrap me! Give me another chance!
  • Sir Topham Hatt: No more chances! Yes, I'll scrap you!
  • Michael Brandon: Diesel 5000 stayed silent. Soon, Diesel 5000 was loaded into the melting pit and he was melted down into metal. Thomas and Duck were having the rest of the week off.
  • Thomas: Duck, Diesel 5000 derserved it because he was scrapped.
  • Duck: Yes, Thomas. He is really mean.
  • Michael Brandon: Just then, Barney and BJ arrived.
  • Barney: Diesel 5000 was sent for scrap.
  • BJ: Yeah, he is a bad diesel.
  • Thomas: Thanks, Barney and BJ.
  • Duck: You welcome.
  • Michael Brandon: And they agree with him.

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