Thomas & Edward: Superstar Saga (Featuring Thomas and Edward) (Made By UbiSoftFan94)


  1. Thomas as Mario (Main character)
  2. Edward as Luigi (Both clever and smart)
  3. Percy as Yoshi (Both green)
  4. Mavis as Cackletta/Bowletta (Mavis has been a real villain in Season 3)
  5. Emily as Princess Peach (Thomas has a crush on Emily, just like Mario has a crush on Princess Peach)
  6. Molly as Princess Daisy (Edward has a crush on Molly, just like Luigi has a crush on Princess Daisy)
  7. Oliver as Prince Peasley (Both Western)
  8. Flora as Birdo (Flora suits Birdo's voice)
  9. Smudger as Bowser Koopa (Both evil and mean to Thomas, Mario, Edward, Luigi, Percy, Yoshi, Emily, Princess Peach, Molly, and Princess Daisy)
  10. Devious Diesel as Rookie (Both evil)
  11. Boco as Toadsworth (Boco suits Toadsworth's voice)
  12. Bulgy as Poople (Bulgy suits Poople's voice)
  13. Harold as Professor Elvin Gadd (Both white)
  14. Toad as Toad (Both share the same name)
  15. Skarloey, Rheneas, Hector, Donald, Douglas, Bill, and Ben as The Toads (The Toads' voice suit Skarloey, Rheneas, Hector, Donald, Douglas, Bill, and Ben)
  16. Evil Molly as Lady Lima (If Evil Molly is a real evil TTTE character)
  17. Evil Emily as Queen Bean (If Evil Emily is a real evil TTTE character)
  18. George as Tolstar (George suits Tolstar's voice)
  19. Arry, Bert, and the Troublesome Trucks as Advisor, Beanbean Guard, Blablanadon, and Dragohoho (All troublesome and love to cause trouble)
  20. Microsoft Sam as the Narrator

Voice Actor Cast:

What may the Thomas & Edward: SuperStar Saga cast look like?

Thomas, Donald, Douglas, Bill, Ben, Boco, and Harold - MINIUSMAXIMUS

Thomas will be the main hero, while Donald, Douglas, Bill, Ben, Boco, and Harold will be 4 toads, an elderly toad, and a Professor.

Edward - tozonline

Edward will be Thomas's clever and smart bother because he is so wise and kind.

Percy, Skarloey, Rheneas, Toad, and Oliver - indexsonic

Percy will be a small talking tank engine, while Skarloey and Rheneas are two toads, with Toad being a brake van.

Emily, Flora, Mavis, Evil Molly, Evil Emily, and Molly - lillylivers

Emily will be a beautiful princess, while Flora will be a beautiful steam tram, with Mavis being a real villain in Season 3, with Molly being a beautiful princess, having Evil Emily and Evil Molly being an evil Lady and an evil Queen.

Smudger, Arry, Bert, Bulgy, George, Hector, Troublesome Trucks, and Devious Diesel - johnovison160

Smudger will be Thomas, Edward, and Percy's enemy, while Arry, Bert, George, and the Troublesome Trucks are Thomas, Edward, and Percy's enemies, while Hector is being a toad.

Narrator - Microsoft Sam

Microsoft Sam will be a good Narrator to tell the story of Thomas & Edward: Superstar Saga.

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