Rugrats: Potty Training Spike

  • Thomas: There - safe, secure, and ready for action. (Emily enters with Percy)
  • Emily: Look, everybody! Percy is ready to use his drink. (shunts Percy into the water tower)
  • Thomas: Got it all set for you Champ! (water pours inside Percy's boiler)
  • Duck: There you go, little fellow. We're all very excited! (he and the other engines star at Percy; he shakes with fear)

Rugrats: The Shot

(Stanley and Freddie hear Daisy wailing uncontrollably and James enters with Daisy and Sir Handel)

  • Daisy: I want my mommy!
  • James: It was just a shot.
  • Daisy: (wailing) I know! It just, want, my, moooommyyyyyy!! (continues wailing)
  • James: Will she be okay, Sir Handel.
  • Sir Handel: She will be fine. It's just some engines that can take it. Some engines can't. (Stanley and Freddie smile and lick their lollypops)