King of Sodor is about Thomas the Tank Engine who becomes King of Sodor appoints his friends as Dukes.

The Royal Family

King Thomas

Queen Molly

Princess May

Prince Thomas II

Prince Claude

Princess Stacy

Dukes and Duchesses

Duke Edward I of Wellsworth

Duchess Bridget of Wellsworth

General Matthew of the Royal Army, son of the Duke of Wellsworth

Alex I, heir to the Dukedom of Wellsworth

Duke Henry I of Ballahoo Tunnel

Duchess Emily of Ballahoo

Daniel of the Royal Army, Daniel, Heir to the Dukedom of Ballahoo Tunnel

Victoria, heiress to the Ballahoo Tunnel

Duke Gordon I of Knapford

Duchess Danni of Knapfrord

Dominic, first heir to Knapford Dukedom

Orion, second heir to Knapford Dukedom and the second heir to Haltraugh.

Dawn, second heiress to Ffarquhar Station.

Gail, second heiress to Tidmouth.

Duke James I of Tidmouth

Duchess Daisy of Tidmouth

Melissa, heiress to Tidmouth

Josh, guardian to Tidmouth, primary heir to Tidmouth.

Duke Percy I of Elsbridge

Duchess Lady at Elsbridge

Kelly, second Queen of Sodor

Billy, heir to Elsbridge

Duke Toby I of Ffarquhar Station

Duchess Flora of Ffarquhar Station

Brock, second heir to Tidmouth, first heir to Ffarquhar Station

Misty, third heir/ess to Ffarquhar Station

Max is the second heir to Ffarquhar Station

Duke Montague the Duck I of Arlesburgh West

Duchess Chelsea of Arleburgh West

Doug, heir to Arlesburgh West

Talia, heir/ess to Arlesburgh West

Duke Donald I of Kildane

Duchess Olivia of Kildane

Tavish, heir to Kildane

Duke Douglas I of Kildane

Duchess Anna of Kildane

Kenna, heir to Kildane

Duke Oliver of Haltraugh

Duchess Rosie of Haltraugh

Nate, heir to Haltraugh

Duke Stanley I of Hackenbeck

Duchess Wendy of Hackenbeck

Stanley II, heir to Hackenbeck

Duke Spencer of Crosby

Duchess Quinlee of Crosby

Duke Arthur I of Kippernium

Duke Boco I of Suddery

Duke Cranky the Crane of Brendam

Dukes Bill and Ben of the China Clay Quarry

Duchesses Helen and Jasmine of the China Clay Quarry

Duke Hank I of Maron

Duke Tavish of Cronk, heir to Kildane

Duke Ken I of Kellsthorpe

Duke Salty I of Fishing Village

Duke Harold of Dryaw

Duke Dennis of Ffarquhar Quarry

Duchess Mavis of Ffarquhar Quarry

Episodes and Movies

Season 1

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