Thomas I takes power and appoints the dukes and duchesses and take his full title at the death of the human king.


  • Thomas I
  • Molly
  • Thomas II
  • May
  • Claude I
  • Stacy
  • Billy
  • Kelly
  • Thomas III
  • James Holden II
  • Edward
  • Bridget
  • Matthew
  • Alex
  • Henry
  • Emily
  • Daniel
  • Victoria
  • Gordon
  • Danni
  • Dominic
  • Orion
  • Dawn
  • Gail
  • James
  • Daisy
  • Melissa
  • Josh
  • Percy
  • Lady
  • Toby
  • Flora
  • Brock
  • Misty
  • Max
  • Duck
  • Chelsea
  • Doug
  • Talia
  • Donald
  • Douglas
  • Olivia
  • Anna
  • Tavish
  • Kenna
  • Oliver
  • Rosie
  • Nate
  • Stanley
  • Wendy
  • Stanley II
  • Boco
  • Arthur
  • Bill
  • Ben
  • Dennis
  • Mavis
  • Neville
  • Quinten
  • Eagle


Narrator: The engine was racing down the track.

Thomas: Hurry, Molly! Let's get it moving, Junior, May! Kids! We have to hurry.

Narrator: A green engine stopped by them at a junction.

Thomas: Billy! Get Kelly and her kids to Vicarstown!

Billy: Righto, mister number one!

Narrator: He hurried away.

Billy: Kelly! Uncle Thomas wants you and the boys to head to Vicarstown!

Kelly: Thomas! James! Let's hurry!

Narrator: Thomas and Kelly and their kids got to Vicarstown.

Thomas: You may be wondering why we're here. I'm the new King of Sodor. I'm giving you positions.

Narrator: Thomas began a list.


Edward, Duke of Wellsworth

Bridget, Duchess of Wellsworth

Matthew and Alex, the heir and a spare

Henry, Duke of Ballahoo and Henry's Tunnels

Emily, Duchess of Ballahoo and Henry's Tunnel

Gordon, Duke of Knapford

Danni, Duchess of Knapford

James, Duke of Tidmouth

Daisy, Duchess of Tidmouth

Josh, Guardian of Tidmouth

Percy, Duke of Elsbridge

Lady, Duchess of Elsbridge

Billy, Guardian of Elsbridge

Toby, Duke of Ffarquhar Station

Flora, Duchess of Ffarquhar Station

Duck, Duke of Arlesburgh West

Chelsea, Duchess of Arlesburgh West

Doug, Guardian of Arlesburgh West

Donald and Douglas, Dukes of Kildane

Olivia and Anna, Duchesses of Kildane

Tavish, Guardian of Kildane

Oliver, Duke of Haltraugh

Rosie, Duchess of Haltraugh

Nathaniel, Guardian of Haltraugh

Stanley, Duke of Hackenbecy

Wendy, Duchess of Hackenbeck

Boco, Duke of Suddery

Arthur, Duke of Kippernia

Bill and Ben, Dukes of the China Clay Quarry

Neville and Quinten, Dukes of Norramby

Eagle, Duke of this here spot, Vicarstown

Dennis, Duke of Ffarquhar Quarry

Mavis, Duchess of Ffarquhar Quarry

And lastly, I am King Thomas I, king of all Sodor, highest ranking engine, ruler of Ffarquhar Branchline, the first engine king of Sodor. Your Queen is Molly. My sons are now Thomas II and Claude I, my daughters May and Stacy. The next king will be Thomas II, the next queen Kelly, the third king Thomas III. In the case that a rebel, ex, Diesel, is king, a fight must be led to restore the rightful king to power. The leader of the fight will be king until the right king is restored. That is all. Be off.

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