Thomas & Friends: Last Engine Standing is a homemade movie coming out in 2015.













Troublesome Trucks




Queen Emily

King Thomas



The Earl Of Sodor

The Fat Controller

Luke (mentioned)

Hiro (mentioned)

Stafford (cameo)

Mainland Engines (do not speak)

Stanley (does not speak)


Thomas The Tank Engine and his coaches are chuffing down the line to Ulfstead Castle. The Earl quickly stops him because he has urgent news. He tells Thomas that an earthquake will hit sodor. Causing it all to be destroy but not the island won't sink. Thomas chuffs away to tell the others. They all don't belive him expect Stephen. Stephen and Thomas go to the mine under Ulfstead Castle to hide. But they didn't know that there was a runaway. It was Duke and some trucks. The coupling snaped bewtween Duke and the trucks. The trucks zoomed down the slope. And it crashed into a mountain near the mine. Rocks fell in front of the mine. Stephen and Thomas were trapped. Stephen tried to show Thomas another way out. But he couldn't find anything. Meanwhille, Gordon was chugging with the express on the main line. Then he felt the ground shake. So he quickly went to the sheds to tell the other engines. Then they all fill the ground shake. Just then, Tidmouth sheds fell apart. Luckily the engines escaped the sheds before the got squashed. They all knew Thomas was right. So they went to find shelter. But in the mine, Stephen and Thomas felt the ground shake and quake. Then part of the roof of the mine fell. Thomas and Stephen chuffed to the entrace. The quacking moved the rocks away. The engines quickly went. But the wooden supports couldn't hold the engines. Stephen fell. Thomas was cople to Stephen so he pull Stephen to save . Thomas and Stephen quickly went to find the other engines.  saw the engines were bording a big ship to escape Sodor. There was no room for Thomas and Stephen. Thomas remebered they could cross the Vicarstown Bridge. They  quickly went across it. Just before it sinked between Sodor and the Mainland. Thomas was safe on the mainland. They didn't know that his other friends that were on the ship, were going to Englad not the mainland. Thomas and Stephen still had Connor, Caitlin, Flying Scotsman, Mallard, City of Turo, The Cornation from the London Midland Railway and Spencer to have fun with. They always raced them. He did the same with the other mainland engines. One afternoon, he went to the edge of the mainland. He thought about his friends. He remebered when Luke saved him from the the edge of the cliff. And when he had trouble with the trucks. And also when helped out Hiro. He wished he was still there. But he was happy with his new home on the mainland.


Director: George Lucas & J.J. Abrams

Written by Jackie Chan


Mark Moraghan as Narrator

Ben Small as Thomas

Jaiden Smith as Percy

Usain Bolt as Gordon

John Cena as Stephen

Christpheor Llyod as Duke

Mark Hamil as Skarloey and Connor

Harrison Ford as Spencer

Adam Scott as Troublesome Trucks

Natalie Portman as Caitlin

Keira Knightley as Millie

Micheal Brandon as Jack

George Carlin as The Earl Of Sodor

Christpher Lee as The Fat Controller


Caitlin chuffing


Connor and caitlin yay
Fat controller talking
Gordon again

Gordon feels the rumble

Gordon On The Mainline
Henry & James

Henry & James waiting



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