Thomas & Friends: The Movie is a 2015 British-American computer animated adventure comedy film based on the television series, Thomas & Friends The film was directed by series creator Britt Allcroft, and stars the voices of John Hasler, Rob Rackstraw, Ringo Starr, Hugh Laurie, Keith Wickham, Jim Broadbent, Rowan Atkinson, Teresa Gallagher, Mara Wilson, Matt Wikinson and Kevin Spacey. The plot follows Diesel's plan to steal Spencer's royal express coach and send it to Doom Country; there, Thomas and Percy must retrieve it to save Gordon's life from Spencer's wrath and their home island Sodor from Diesel's plan.


The film begins with a live action sequence of a Train full of passengers on a tour of the countryside when the passengers see a billboard showing a thomas movie in theaters now so they sing Really Useful Engine along their way to the Movie Theater and sit in front-row seats to watch the film. In the movie proper, Thomas the Tank Engine (Originally voiced by Eddie Glen/Voiced by John Hasler) dreams about managing the new Knapford Station 2. The station is in trouble because a passenger has missed his train, but Thomas saves the day. He wakes up and cheerfully prepares for the opening ceremony for Knapford Station 2, hoping that his friend Gordon (Originally voiced by Neil Crone/Voiced by Ringo Starr) will promote him to manager of the new station. At the ceremony, Thomas is passed over; his friend James (Originally voiced by Susan Roman/Voiced by Rob Rackstraw) is given the promotion because Gordon thinks he is "more mature" than him.

Meanwhile, Diesel (Originally voiced by Tim Curry/Voiced by Kerry Shale), Gordon's business rival, devises a plot to steal the Cheeseburger secret formula and frame Gordon. He steals Spencer's (Originally voiced by Freddie Prinze Jr/Voiced by Matt Wilkinson) Royal Carriage at night, sending it to Doom Country. That night, Thomas goes to his favorite restaurant, Donk E. Cheese's Rootin' Tootin' Pizza Parlour; he drowns his sorrows in ice cream with his best friend, Percy (Originally voiced by Linda Ballantyne/Voiced by Keith Wickham), waking up the next morning with a headache. Spencer barges into Knapford Station 2, assaults and freezes Gordon. When Thomas arrives later, although he criticizes Gordon, he promises Gordon he will retrieve the coach from Doom Country. Spencer also tells him & Percy to return with the carriage in 8 days for him to kill Gordon into scrap So Thomas and Percy leave for Doom Country.

Meanwhile, Thomas and Percy encounter a dangerous trench and are too scared to go in it but Spencer's daughter Lady (Originally voiced by Britt Alcroft/Voiced by Mara Wilson) helps them past it. They are stopped by Diesel 10 (Originally voiced by Cam Clarke/Voiced by Kevin Spacey) a diesel engine with a claw on his roof hired by Diesel to kill Thomas & Percy. He tries to kill them with his claw on his roof but is ran over by a scary steam engine called "The Nightmare Train". "The Nighmare Train" captures Thomas and Percy and takes them to a toy store which is actually ("Doom Country"). At the store, Thomas and Percy find the coach, but are nearly killed near a melting pit they're about to fall in and die where they are both turned into real life model trains. Their tears short-circuit the heat lamp; its smoke activates the sprinkler system, reviving them and the other dried model trains sold as souvenirs. As the trains attack "The Nightmare Train", Thomas and Percy take the coach and head for the city. When they lose their way home where Donald Trump Himself offers them a ride in his invisible helicopter. Diesel 10 catches up to them who tries to kill them but keeps failing when Thomas blows some bubbles into his eyes and is tossed into the air but is caught by Percy. Diesel 10 finally gets very angry and tries to kill them for real but end up falling down the helicopter and lands into a barge full of stinky fruits where he is towed away to the dumps. On Sodor, Diesel steals the Cheeseburger formula, using it to produce and sell a lot of them at his restaurant: the Dieselworks, with the claim that Gordon bequeathed him the recipe. Henry (Originally voiced by Kevin Frank/Voiced by Hugh Laurie) and James discover the truth about Diesel stealing Spencer's royal coach, and tries to alert him. However, Diesel uses mind-controlling helmets disguised as souvenirs to control Sodors's residents, including James, and renames the city Diesopolis.

Back at Knapford Station 2, Spencer arrives to execute Gordon. But Thomas and Percy arrive just in time with the coach, save Gordon and confront Diesel who drops a mind-control helmet on Spencer, enslaving him. But Thomas defends himself, plays "I'm a number 1 Engine (YEAH)", frees Sodor's residents (Including Diesel's minions: Splatter (Neil Crone) & Dodge (Kevin Frank) who had both betrayed by Diesel) & Diesel is arrested. Spencer thanks Thomas for his bravery and unfreezes Gordon, who makes Thomas manager of Knapford Station 2 in gratitude and after his first day the next day Thomas happily steams home to tell Percy about his first day of being manager. In a Post-credits scene, a theater usher (Played by director, producer & film writer; Britt Allcroft) tells the Tour Guide and the passengers to leave and they reluctantly comply.


  • John Hasler as Thomas
  • Rob Rackstraw as James
  • Ringo Starr as Gordon
  • Kerry Shale as Diesel
  • Matt Wilkinson as Spencer
  • Mara Wilson as Lady
  • Kevin Spacey as Diesel 10
  • Malie Flanagan as Rosella
  • Neil Crone as Splatter
  • Kevin Frank as Dodge
  • Teresa Gallagher as Emily
  • Joe Mills as Oliver
  • Keith Wickham as Percy
  • Rowan Atkinson as Edward
  • Steven Kynman as Duck
  • Jim Broadbent as Toby
  • Pierce Brosnan as Stanley
  • Allison Janney as Daisy
  • Hugh Laurie as Henry
  • Mark Moraghan as Narrator
  • Danny Mann as Squire
  • Donald Trump as Himself
  • Bryon Howard as Train Tour Guide
  • Hugh Keays Byrne as The Nightmare Train
  • Liam Neeson as Tough Diesel Engine
  • Kunal Nayyar & Marshall Efron as Drunk Diesels
  • Matthew Horne & James Corden as Diesel Engine Twins
  • Randy Thom as Train Eating Monster
  • Laraine Newman as Ice Cream Lady
  • Dave Franco as Neil
  • John Michael Higgins as Fred Lincoln/Donk E. Cheese Announcer
  • Alan Tudyk as Donk E. Cheese
  • Patrick Breen as Waiter
  • Jorma Taccone as Coughing Diesel
  • Josh Klausner as Freed Man
  • Karey Kirkpatrick as Man at Maithwaite Station
  • Britt Allcroft as Theater Usher
  • Kristen Wiig as Flora
  • Jacquie BarnBrook as Female Passenger at Cronk
  • Roger Craig Smith as Diesel Theif
  • Brad Garrett as Helicopter Pilot
  • Jason Finazzo as Screaming Hang Glider
  • Ariel Winter as Girl at the Park
  • Tim Mertens as Other Hang Glider
  • Kerry Shale as Mouse
  • Tom Fahn as Trapped Steam Engine
  • Kathy Griffin as Crazy Steam Engine
  • Adam Sandler as Transylvanian Accent Steam Engine
  • Kath Soucie as Scardey Steam Engine


Thomas & Friends: The Movie (Transcript)


The Island Song Performed by

Really Useful Engine Performed by Guillaume Aretos

Donk E. Cheese Song Performed by Alan Tudyk

Locomotion Performed by Amy Heidemann, Rachael Crow & Beyonce

In the Boiler of The Nightmare Train Performed by Phillip Lawrence & Bruno Mars

Thomas the Tank Engine Performed by Beyonce

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