[The film takes place in a beautiful countryside where a train passes by and inside it are some passengers on a tour of the country side]

Tour Guide: And as we head over the river we come across a beautiful meadow with cows grazing grass and [Finds that the people aren't paying attention] Ahem! what is it you're all looking aaa- [They all see a billboard show a Thomas movie in theaters now] A Thomas Movie? We'll all right who has tickets and wants to goo see because I have my own [Passengers hold up they're tickets] All Right then let's go!

[The passengers cheer and head to the movie theater to the movie theater, singing Really Useful Engine]

Passengers: ♪He's a really useful engine you know. All the other engines they'll tell you so. He Huffs, Puffs Whistles, Rushing to and fro! He's the really Useful Engine We adore! He's a Really Useful Engine you know. Cause the Fat Controller told him so! Now he's got a branchline to call his very own. He's the Really Useful Engine we'd adore! He's the 1! He's the #1; Thomas the Tank Engine! He's the Really Useful Engine we adore! ♪

[The passengers hog the snack bar and get some popcorn. They rush into the theater room, where the movie starts]

Narrator: [We start out on the Island of Sodor.] Ah Sodor. [The camera submerges underwater until it stops in front of Knapford Station.] A popular tourist attraction more popular than...

[The camera pans down into Sodor in front of Knapford Station]

Police: Back off! Back off! [waves arms to back off at reporters/citizens]

Narrator: Hey, wait a minute. What's going on?

[The screen pans out to show Knapford Station is surrounded by cops.]

Gordon: Please settle down. [Referring to Knapford Station] We've got a situation in there. I'd rather not discuss 'til my manager gets here.

Woman: [Off-Screen] Look, there he is.

[Thomas arrives and walks toward the station]

Thomas: Talk to me Gord.

Gordon: Oh it's terrible a passenger missed his train to Cronk! [Gordon panics, but SpongeBob calms him down]

Thomas: Get a hold of yourself, mate I'll take care of this. (Time Card: 9 Minutes Later).

Thomas: I've done it.

All: [Cheer and then lift congratulate Thomas.] Three cheers for the manager! Hip! Hip! Hooray!

[The screen now shows Thomas in his Shed. He wakes up.]

Thomas: Hooray! Duck I had that dream again! And it’s finally going to come true! [He runs over to his calendar.] Today! Sorry about this, calendar. [He tears off the calendar page for the day before to reveal "October 15". On the page, it has a picture of the new Knapford Station 2 with rainbows and hearts around it.] Because today is the grand-opening ceremony for The new Knapford Station 2, where Mr. Krabs will announce the new manager.

Duck: Yay.

Thomas: Who's it gonna be, Duck? Well, let's ask my wall of 693 consecutive Engine of the year awards. [Camera pulls up, revealing many "Engine of The Year" portraits]

Thomas pictures: Thomas that's who!

Thomas: I'm ready. Promotion. [Goes outside and spins around on the turntable] I'm ready. Promotion. I'm ready. Promotion.

[The scene is now cutting to James having a washdown]

James: ♪La da dee, la da doo, la da dum, La da dee, la da doo, la da dum.♪

Thomas/James: [In unision] ♪La da dee, la da doo, la da dum,La da d...♪

James: Huh?

Thomas: ♪, la da doo, la da dum, Bum Bum Bum, Da da da...♪

James: [interrupts him] Uh Thomas, what are you doing in here? Thomas: I have to tell you something James.

James: Well whatever it is, can't it wait until we get to work?

Thomas: There's no shower at work.

James: What do you want to say?

Thomas: I just wanted to say I'll be thanking you in my managerial acceptance speech today.

James: Well can we talk about this later? You've got work to do.

[Thomas puffs out the shed]

Thomas: Okay. see you at the ceremony.

[Runs into Percy, who comes out of his shed]

Percy: That sounds like the manager of the new Knapford Station 2.

Thomas: Oh, thanks, Percy. And tonight, after my big promotion, we're gonna party till we're Green.


Thomas: We're going to the place where all the action is.

Percy: You mean...?

Thomas: Oh yeah brother.

Thomas/Percy: Donk E. Cheese's Pizza Parlour!

[Both start the music on a record player]

Thomas/Percy: ♪Oh, I'm a Cowboy of the west,uh. You're a one too, yeah. We're all Cowboys, yeah because we all cowgirls/boy partners!♪

Thomas: [Notices the clock on the shed wall] I'd better get going. I'm ready. Promotion. I'm ready. Promotion.

Percy: Good luck Thomas. [Puffs away]

[The scene cuts to a large crowd gathered in front of Knapford Station]

Fred Lincoln Hello Sodor! Fred Lincoln here, coming to you live from in front of Knapford Station for years a train station for people to get on and/or off trains to get to places until today that is, that's right but today Sir Topham Hatt the railway director and his family are on vacation in Alaska and is leaving one of his engines: Gordon the Express Engine in charge of things and is today opening the new Knapford Station 2 Todya. [Crowd applauds} First of all congratulations Gordon

Gordon: Thanks Ya'll are too kind.

Fred Lincoln: What inspired you to build a second Knapford Station right next door to the original?

Gordon: I have no clue. [Everyone laughs]

[Diesel is watching the entire scenario out the window of the Diesel Works]

Diesel: Curses! It's not fair. Gordon is being interviewed by Fred Lincoln and I've never even had one customer! [Plankton groans and moans while sweating]

Rosella: Don't get worked up again, Diesel, I just mopped the floors. Plankton:

Splatter: That's very true Dies.

Dodge: Yeah I mean things couldn't go quite possibly-

[Diesel annoyed hits him on his side]

Splatter/Dodge: Shutting Up.

Diesel: Oh, Rosella, my second in command, if only I could have managed to steal the secret to Gordon's success, the Cheeseburger Formula. Then people would line up to eat at my restaurant. Lord knows I've tried. I've exhausted every evil plan in my filing cabinet...from A to Y.

Rosella: A to Y?

Diesel: Yeah, A to Y. You know, the alphabet.

Rosella: What about Z?

Diesel: Z?

Rosella: Uh yeah The letter after Y.

Diesel: [Searches through cabinet] W, X, Y, Z. Plan Z! Here it is, just like you said.

Rosella: Oh, boy.

Diesel: [Suggestively] Oh! Oh! Ohhh! It's evil. It's diabolical. [Sniffs it] It's lemon-scented. This Plan Z can't possibly fail! [Goes outside] So enjoy today, Gordon, because by tomorrow, I'll have the formula. Then everyone will eat at the Diesel-Works, and I will rule the world! All hail Diesel. All hail Diese...! [Thomas runs by and accidentally runs over him]

Thomas: I'm ready,promotion... I'm ready,promotion... Eww, I think I stepped in something. [Tries to scrape Diesel off]

Diesel: Not in something, on someone.

Thomas: Oh. Sorry, Diesel. [Pulls him off his wheel] Are you on your way to the grand-opening ceremony?

Diesel: Well not really no, I am not on my way over to the grand-opening ceremony. I'm busy planning to rule the world you see.

Thomas: Well, good luck with that. [Runs off] I'm ready. Promotion. I'm ready. Promotion.

Diesel: Very clever little engine.

[Later, Gordon is at a stand in front of Knapford Station 2. The crowd is still gathered there, seated]

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