All those one-off diesels and turned down trial diesels got sent back where? To the BR, of course! What were you expecting, Kentucky Fried Chicken?

Them Idiots Who Run the Railway

  1. Diesel. You know him. The guy who hates Duck. That big black box! Come on, try harder! Thomas' equivalent, star of the show.
  2. Derek. The one who got stuck and Bill and Ben pulled him and the train. His appearances prove the stupidity of the NWR. They bought Derek for 13,000,000 GBP for a cameo.
  3. Bowler. Seriously, you're driving me nuts! This guy sucked up a bowler hat!
  4. Ole' Stuck Up! The one from the book! You fogettin' him too?
  5. The Works Diesel, they call him Worked Up. Really, you're stupid! He's the one who pulled James home and delivered the Christmas tree.
  6. Spamcan is the good for nothing who failed and had to be brought back by that green cylinder, Henry!
  7. Bozwokley is an idiot. He was in an illustration in Escape in Enterprising Engines. Said to be hiding, but in clear view.
  8. Dock was named after that Duck idiot from NWR. They changed the one vowel. He was behind Bozwokley in that illustarion.
  9. Arry. He works for the NWR, right? Wrong. Why do you think you don't see him and
  10. Bert much? They ran away each time and worked on BR.
  11. Weasel was the one who was mentioned to say: A steamie's escaping in Escape in Enterprising Engines.
  12. Pip and
  13. Emma are those high speed 125 blah, blah, et cetera. Bought after SNWR bought them. Stupid seller sells them all twice.


Thin Idiot: You probably want coaches, but we're too poor to afford it, so you get-------------TRUCKS!!!!!!!!

Pip: Ya hear that, passengers?

Emma: Ya can ride in trucks!

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