They're the characters from The Adventures of Thomas and Friends on the Railways of Sodor: now humans!

Central Cast

Thomas Jackson

Edward Gearer

Henry Williams

Gordon Gresley

James Hughes

Percy Avonside

Toby McEastern

Montague "Duck" Quinley

Donald and Douglas McKildane

Oliver Fiston

Stanley Wardle

Emily Stirling

Molly Hamilton

Rosie Dockers

Danni Caledon

Quinlee Thompson

Bill and Ben Finckley

Boco Ferguson

Phillippa and Emma Christie

Helen and Jasmine Zenzez

Bridget Washington

Olivia and Anna Stingler

Arthur McFisher

Sidney "Salty" Phineas

Simon "Scruff" Stinker and his best friend Whiffin' Pete Adams

Daisy Viorets

Spencer Patrick

Neville Blickers

Gwen Hamilton

Mavis Henricks

Dennis Jones

Hank Puller

Murdoch Joiners

Growlin' Bear Forests

Zack Holmes

Hiro Toyotomi

Charlie and Billy Wardle


Tidmouth Sheds: An eleven level complex where they live with their families

Knapford: Car rental place


Thomas and Molly Jackson

Edward and Bridget Gearer

Henry and Emily Williams

Gordon and Danni Gresley

James and Daisy Hughes

Percy and Lady Avonside

Toby and Flora McEastern

Montague and Chelsea Quinley


Season 1

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