Duck's Great Adventure! The Movie is SuperMalechi's Thomas & Friends: Model Series movie.


Diesel 11, a new mean diesel, threatens to destroy the railway. It's up to Duck and the other engines to defeat Diesel 11.

Featured Characters

  • Thomas
  • Edward
  • Henry
  • Gordon
  • James
  • Percy
  • Toby
  • Duck
  • Donald & Douglas
  • Oliver
  • Emily
  • Stepney
  • Fergus
  • Harvey
  • Stanley
  • Gregory
  • Wendy
  • Neville
  • Eagle
  • Mavs
  • Kenny the Troublesome Engine
  • Diesel 10
  • Diesel 11
  • Bertie (cameo)
  • Sir Topham Hatt


James sings "Thomas' Girlfriend is a Jerk"

James: You guys, This is all Thomas' girlfriend's fault.

Thomas: Shut up, James!

James: Thomas' girlfriend is the one who started that stupid club. And all that she's such a stupid jerk!

Thomas: Don't say it, James!

James: Weeeeeeeelll...

Thomas: Don't do it, James!

James: Weeeeeeeeelll...

Thomas: I am warning you!

James: Shh! Shut up!

Thomas: I am getting sick of him calling Emily a je-(James begins again)


Well, Thomas' girlfriend's a jerk, she's a green jerk, She's the biggest jerk in the whole wide world She a stupid jerk, if there ever was a jerk, She's a jerk to all the boys and girls.

Thomas: Shut your mouth, James!

James: On Monday she's a jerk, on Tuesday she's a jerk, On Wednesday to Saturday she's a jerk Then on Sunday, just to be different, She's a super King Kamehameha jee-ark!

Come on! You all know the words!

{Troublesome Trucks join in.} Have you ever met my green friend Emily? She's the biggest jerk in the whole wide world. She's a mean ole jerk, and has a dumb boyfriend. She's a jerk-jerk-jerk-jerk-jerk-jerk-jerk

Jerk-b*-jerk-jerk-jerk-jerk--jerk-jerk-jerk-jerk-jerk She's a stupid jerj! (Whoa!) Thomas' girlfriend's a jerk And she's such a dirty jerk! (Jerk!)

Talk to kids around the world, And it might go a little bit something like this:

{James fancies leading a Japanese choir, then a French one, then a Dutch one (dressed as a Dutch girl), then an African one (in black-face). When he sings in English again, the four choirs are behind him in the Netherlands.}

Have you ever met my green friend Emily? She's the biggest jerk in the whole wide world. She's a mean ole jerk, and has a dumb boyfriend. She's a jerk-jerk-jerk-jerk-jerk-jerk-jerk

Trucks: Oh! {They freeze as Molly puffs up behind James.}

James: Jerk-jerk-jerk-jerk-jerk-jerk-jerk-jerk

She's a stupid jerk!

Duck: Uh, James…

James: Thomas' girlfriend's a jerk And she's such a dirty jerk!

{showstopper} I really mean it. Thomas' girlfriend, she's a green stupid jerk! Dumb green stupid jerk, that's Emily! Yeah-tch!

{The singing stops. James is feeling pleased, but Thomas, Duck and Stepney stare at him, in shock.}

James: What? {looks behind him} Oh no!

{Emily bumps James very hard he ends up in the mud. He screams}

James: AAAAGH! MUD! GET IT OFF ME! I don't want the mud to spoil my red paint! {shudders}

Emily: Well, he deserved it!

Stepney: I think that was a bit harsh, wasn't it, Duck?

Duck: I've never seen her this angry before.

{Emily turns to Thomas.}

Thomas: Um, Emily. James thinks you are a jerk.

Emily: Oh, he does. But I am not. Well, I've got to help Gordon with passenger runs. See you later, boys!

{Emily puffs off. Duck pulls James back on the rails and Stepney takes him to the Sodor Steamworks}

The War

{Cut to Tidmouth Sheds. Oliver and Stepney are on the turntable. Thomas, Duck, James, Harvey, Oliver, Emily, and Toby, are in the sheds, Stanley, Neville and Salty next to it one side, Eagle, Percy and Kenny the other.}

Emily: I suppose you are wondering why we called you all here - you see, there's a war going on with us against Diesel 11's army. I'm wishing you all the best of luck.

Harvey: Oh boy, military action! Toby, we're gonna kill us some goddamn electrics!

Toby: I think we're fighting diesels.

Harvey: Diesels, electrics - what's the difference?

Neville: Anyways, this war is to avenge Gordon and Lady's mishaps.

Oliver: {upset} Oh, my poor Lady! It fills my heart with sadness!

Stepney: Mention him again, and I'll puke.

Stanley: Oliver, why can't you give up on Lady?

Oliver: {no more upset} Never! She's my Lady toy!

Emily: We prepare for war in two hours.

Kenny: I don't wanna get in war!

Eagle: Why not?

Kenny: Because, I'll die!

Emily: Kenny, don't be stupid! You're not going to die!

{Cut to a clear part of Sodor, where there is only track. The steam engines and their diesel allies move in on one side, and the bad diesels on the other.}

Diesel 11: It's been a while, blue puffball!

Thomas: Not long enough...

{The war begins. Stanley and Spamcan confront each other.}

Spamcan: Give up, silver boy! Diesel always gets his man!

Stanley: NEVER! {He yells and rams into Spamcan, and Spamcan runs into oil wagons.}

Spamcan: Ahh! Oil! Get it off me!

Stanley: When I fight, I fight mean!

Wendy: {dreamily} Oh, Stanley, my hero! {Stanley blushes.}

{Diesel 10 confronts Thomas, Duck, James, and Kenny. His claw, Pinchy, aims for Kenny.}

Diesel 10: Ha ha ha! I got the unlucky one!

Duck: Kenny! Watch out!

Kenny: I can't- Aaaaauuugggghhh!

{Diesel 10 makes a grab on Kenny, and destroys him: He crushes the boiler, rips off the cab and buffer beams. Kenny screams through all this.}

Stanley: {seeing this} Dude, this is pretty freaky up right here!

{The screaming stops all that remains of Kenny is an 0-6-0 wheel chassis.}

Thomas: Cinders and ashes! He destroyed Kenny!

Duck: You fool!

James: I guess Kenny's destroyed now.

Neville: {also having seen} DIESEL 10, YOU FOOL!!! {He yells and rams into Diesel 10. Pinchy falls back and hits the rear cab.}

Diesel 10: Ow, it hurts!

{Edward and Stanley confront Arry and Bert, who are blocking Salty and Harvey.}

Iron Arry: You want them? Try to get past us!

Stanley: Watch this! {He rams into them, but they only go as far as a few yards.}

Iron Arry: Heh heh heh! Pathetic excuse for a steam engine!

Edward: I'm coming, Stanley!

{He runs into Stanley, and sends Arry and Bert off the edge of a key, into a barge.}

Stanley: Oh, thanks, Edward!

Edward: Anytime! {chuckles}

{Duck, Thomas and James and Gregory are confronting Diesel 10, who seemed to have recovered his mishap with Neville.}

James: You guys. Let's get out of here.

{he, Duck and Thomas puff away fast}

Diesel 10: Get out of my way!

Gregory: NO! I won't let you hurt the one I love!

Diesel 10: That's it! {He rips Gregory to pieces, like he did to Kenny, and sees that Thomas, Duck and James had disappeared.} Grrr!

The Death of Diesel 11

{At the scrapyards, The steam and diesel engines are ready to battle Diesel 11}

Thomas: It's the end of you now Diesel 11!

Duck: Your terror has come to an end!

James: You have to be gone forever!

{Thomas, Duck and James, in an act of bravery, push Diesel 11 with all his might. Diesel 11 is now headed into a melting pit.}

Diesel 11: Oh, no! Oh, God, this is gonna burn... NOOOOOO! {He falls into the melting pit, and says his last words.} You puffballs! I'll be back if it's the last thing I-- {He chokes, the remains of his claw is burned up.}

Thomas: {brightly} Well... that's that!

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