UK Title Alternate US Title Writer
Emily's New Coaches Jan Page
Percy Gets It Right Paul Larson
Bill, Ben and Fergus Brian Trueman
The Old Bridge Paul Larson
Edward's Brass Band Robyn Chateris
What's the Matter with Henry? George Tarry
James and the Queen of Sodor Paul Larson
The Refreshment Lady's Tea Shop The Refreshment Lady's Stand James Mason
The Spotless Record Paul Larson
Toby's Windmill Toby and the Windmill David Mitton, Jan Page
Bad Day at Castle Loch Jenny McDade
Rheneas and the Roller Coaster James Mason
Salty's Stormy Tale Polly Churchill
Snow Engine Oliver the Snow Engine Jenny McDade
Something Fishy Paul Larson
The Runaway Elephant George Tarry
Peace and Quiet Paul Larson
Fergus Breaks the Rules Thomas and the Search for Fergus Jan Page
Bulgy Rides Again Brian Trueman
Harold and the Flying Horse Robin Kingsland
The Grand Opening James Mason
Best Dressed Engine Polly Churchill
Gordon and Spencer Lee Pressman
Not So Hasty Puddings Not So Hasty Cakes Robyn Chateris
Trusty Rusty James Mason
Three Cheers for Thomas! Hooray for Thomas! Jan Page