Season 8 is a with twenty-six episdoes in 2004-2005-2012 for US/UK/AUS/NZ/JAP in 2004 eleven episdoes in steamies and diesels It will go in May and then it will go in Stepmeber for 2004 and 2012 for US and then songs and episdoes will air in 2005 in two DVDs.


UK Title Writer
Thomas to the Rescue Abi Grant, Paul Larson
Henry and the Wishing Tree Abi Grant, Paul Larson
Thomas and the Tuba David Ingham
Squeak, Rattle and Roll Marc Seal
Percy's New Whistle James Mason
Thomas and the Firework Display Abi Grant, Paul Larson
Too Hot for Thomas Paul Larson
Emily's Adventure Paul Larson
You Can Do It, Toby! Paul Larson
Edward the Great Abi Grant
James Goes Too Far James Mason
Percy and the Magic Carpet Abi Grant
Gordon Takes Charge Paul Larson
James Gets a New Coat Abi Grant
Thomas Saves the Day James Mason
Percy's Big Mistake Abi Grant
Thomas, Emily and the Snowplough Abi Grant
Don't Tell Thomas Paul Larson
Emily's New Route Paul Larson
Spic and Span Marc Seal
Thomas and the Circus Abi Grant
Thomas Gets It Right Robin Rigby
As Good as Gordon Abi Grant
Fish Paul Larson
Halloween David Ingham
Chickens to School Paul Larson