The Complete Eighth Series is a UK DVD release featuring all twenty-six eighth season episodes narrated by Michael Angelis. It was released on DVD by Hit Entertainment in 2014.


  1. Thomas to the Rescue
  2. Henry and the Wishing Tree
  3. James Gets a New Coat
  4. Thomas Saves the Day
  5. Percy's Big Mistake
  6. Don't Tell Thomas
  7. Thomas and the Tuba
  8. Thomas, Emily and the Snowplough
  9. Emily's New Route
  10. Percy's New Whistle
  11. Thomas and the Firework Display
  12. Gordon Takes Charge
  13. Spic and Span
  14. Edward the Great
  15. Squeak, Rattle and Roll
  16. Thomas and the Circus
  17. Thomas Gets It Right
  18. Percy and the Magic Carpet
  19. As Good as Gordon
  20. Emily's Adventure
  21. You Can Do It, Toby!
  22. Too Hot For Thomas
  23. James Goes Too Far
  24. Chickens to School
  25. Fish
  26. Halloween

DVD Artwork

Front Cover

  • Thomas and Duck from "Fish"


  • The 2014 release has restored footage in the DVD menu, but the original 2004 footage is used for the actual
  • episodes.


  • Duck is seen on the DVD cover, but he isn't seen in any of episodes on the DVD.
  • The cover shows features an image from "Fish", which is not on the DVD. Also, Duck's face has been edited from sad to happy.


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