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These are parodies of some of the 4 junior adventures icons from Humongous Entertainment from Putt-Putt to Spy Fox here's who we have


  • Thomas/Putt-Putt
  • Gremlin/Pep
  • James/Mr. Firebird
  • Gordon/Mr. Baldini
  • Henry/Outback Al
  • Harvey/Chuck
  • Rosie/Mrs. Airbag
  • Dennis/Mr. Fenderbender
  • Neville/Redline Rick
  • Toby/Smokey
  • Hiro/Rover
  • Sir Topham Hatt/BJ Sweeny
  • Emily/Katie Cannonball

Thomas/Pajama Sam

  • Percy/Pajama Sam
  • Toby/King
  • Foduck [from Theodore Tugboat]/Otto
  • James & Gordon/Wink & Blink
  • Dennis/Darkness
  • Thomas/Carrot
  • Benjiman Bridge [from Theodore Tugboat]/The Stone Bridge
  • Emily/Thunder
  • Molly/Lightning

Theodore Tugboat/Freddi Fish

  • Emily[tug]/Freddi
  • Theodore/Luther
  • Harold the Helicopter [From Thomas & Friends]/Sam
  • Sigrid/Grandma Grouper
  • Zip [from TUGS]/Spongehead
  • Zug [from TUGS]/Boss
  • Zorran [from TUGS]/The Squid Father
  • Northumberland/Ray
  • Hank/Casey

Thomas/Spy Fox

  • James/Spy Fox
  • Emily/Monkey Penny
  • Diesel 10/William the Kid
  • Hector/Professer Quack
  • Spencer/The Snooty S.S. Deadweight guy
  • Henry/Mr. Udderly
  • Thomas/Walter Wireless
  • Mavis/Russian Blue
  • Diesel/Napoleon LeRoach
  • Sir Topham Hatt/Chief
  • Daisy/Poodles Galore
  • Dennis/Captain Drydock
  • Gordon/The Go Fish Pig

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