Thomas 1 - GBC (Quotes) are quotes from the Thomas/Rayman GBC film parody.


  • Female Tugboats: Thomas... Hey, wake up! We are the tiny fairies called the female tugboat. Something terrible is happening... That evil Diesel 10 came and imprisoned the Toons the precious light-giver sprites of our land He stole their energy for himself, throwing the world in chaos and darkness, with monsters spawning from everywhere.
  • Thomas: I'll never let him do this!
  • Female Tugboats: Hurry up, Rayman: go after him and break open the Cages you find along the way!
  • Thomas: Hold on, my friends! You won't be imprisoned for long
  • Female Tugboats: Go now! We Tings will show you the way: follow and catch us as you go. We'll also give you magic powers during the course of your quest!

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