Thomas 2 (2006) is a Thomas/Bambi 2 parody movie.


  • Thomas as Bambi
  • Murdoch as The Great Prince of the Forest
  • Edward as Friend Owl
  • Percy as Thumper
  • Toby as Flower
  • Emily as Faline
  • Diesel 10 as Young Ronno
  • Derek as The Groundhog
  • George as Porcupine
  • Flora as Mena


Murdoch: Edward

Edward: Excase me, sir, I hope I'm not intruding but... well... I just had to come. (Looks at Thomas) Poor little fella. So young to be without his mother. Well, if I can be of any help...

Murdoch: Wait. I could use your help - find me a suitable engine to raise Thomas.

Edward: Oh, yes, of course.

Diesel 10: Name's Smudger, and these are the boys, Stab and Jab.

Diesel 10: Thomas? Isn't that a girl's name?

Thomas: It was mother. I heard her voice.

Murdoch: That was one of Sir Topham Hatt's tricks!

Thomas: But I thought...

Murdoch: What if I didn't come in time? When I tell you to run, you run! Never freeze like that again, ever!

Thomas: I'm... I'm sorry.

Percy: You know, they're okay for sisters. It's too bad they're girls.

Emily: Hey!

Percy: Oops.

Emily: What was that?

Diesel 10: Ah, probably just some poor dumb engine caught in a trap. So anyway...

Thomas (in the dinstace): YEOW!

Emily: Thomas!

Diesel 10: Hey! I wasn't finished talking about me!

Edward (about Thomas and Rosie): Ugh. Twitterpated.

Toby: What's "twitterpated"?

Edward: Oh, I'll, uh, tell you when your older.

Thomas: I didn't even know this place was here.

Murdoch: Beautiful, isn't it? This... this is wear I met your mother.

Thomas: Really?

Murdoch: Yes. I was just about your age.

Thomas: What were you like?

Murdoch: Me? Let me think... Actually, I was a lot like you.

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