James as Yakko

Thomas as Wakko (Both Blue)

Rosie as Dot

Edward as Dr.S

Emily as Hello Nurse

Gordon as Ralph(Both Also wear Blue)

Diesel Bill & Ben as The Goodfeathers

Peter Sam as Pinky (Both Start with a P)

Duncan as The Brain

Skarloey as Skippy)Both Start with an S)

Daisy as Slappy

Toad As Mr.Director

Percy as Buttons

Molly as Mindy(Both Start with an M)

Lady as Minerva Mink

Duck as Newt The Dog

Sir-Handel as Mr. Plotz

Henry as Flavio )Both Big)

Madge as Marita

S.C.Ruffey as The Mime

Elizabeth as Mrs Flameel 

Boco as the musician

Spencer as King Salazar

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