Thomas Avengers Version 2

James the Red Engine as Tony Stark Iron Man

Bear , D199 as Thor

Edward the Blue Engine as Steve Rogers Captain America

Emily the Emerald Engine as Wasp Janet Van Dyne

Boco the Metropilitian Vicker Diesel as

Duck the Great Western Engine as Theseus

Bulgy the Double Decker Bus as Crimson Dynamo

Paxton as Wonder Man A.K.A Simon Williams

Spencer the Silver Engine as Bishop Len Brennan

Sir Topham Hatt as Nick Fury

The Diesel as Emil Blonsky A.K.A Abomination

Hector as Hulk

Peter Sam as Bruce Banner


Arry as Chemistro

Bert as Living Laser

Scruffey the Truck as Skurge the Executioner

Diesel as Baron Heinrich Zemo

The Spiteful Breakvan as

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