This is Thomas Bash for Version 3 for the Thomas Bandicoot Read Along Trilogy Collection for PlayStation 1, made by RayFan94 a.k.a. UbiSoftFan94, 1223Bandicoot, CRASHINEITOR, Elvengador20092 and groxter1.


  • Thomas as Crash Bandicoot - (Thomas and Crash Bandicoot are the main heroes) - Jorge (Sidney)
  • Emily as Coco Bandicoot - (Emily and Coco Bandicoot are both the main females) - Julia (Carmen)
  • Henry as Tiny Tiger - (Henry and Tiny Tiger are both strong and tuff) - Carlos (Douglas)
  • Devious Diesel as Dr. Neo Cortex - (Devious Diesel and Dr. Neo Cortex are both the main villains) - Diego (Douglas)
  • Bulgy as Rilla Roo - (Rilla Roo's voice suits Bulgy) - Juan (Biff)
  • Dennis as Dr. Nitrus Brio - (Dennis and Dr. Nitrus Brio are both lazy) - Diego (Melvin)
  • James as Dingodile (James and Dingodile are both vain, smart, wise, kind, splendid, and helpful) - Juan (Peter)
  • Hector as Koala Kong - (Hector and Koala Kong are both strong) - Carlos (Douglas)
  • Rocky as Papu Papu - (Rocky and Papu Papu are both strong) - Juan (Douglas)
  • Edward as Aku Aku - (Edward and Aku Aku are both in charge in Thomas and Crash Bandicoot) - Carlos (Melvin)
  • Murdoch as The Bearminator - (Murdoch and The Bearminator are both strong) - Diego (Biff)
  • Splatter and Dodge as The Komodo Brothers - (They are all twins) - Juan and Diego (Amos and Alex)
  • George as Nitrous Oxide - (George and Nitrous Oxide are both evil and green) - Diego (Douglas)
  • Percy as Polar - (Percy and Polar are both best friends to Thomas and Crash Bandicoot) - Diego (Melvin)
  • Billy as Ripper Roo - (Ripper Roo's voice suits Billy) - Juan (Peter 'UK')
  • Bill/Ben as Dr. N Gin (Dr. N Gin's voice suits Bill/Ben) - Ludoviko (Eddie)
  • Duck as Penta Penguin (Duck and Penta Penguin are both Western, Wise, and Helpful) - Javier (Melvin)
  • Diesel 10 as Uka Uka - (Diesel 10 and Uka Uka are both evil and mean enemies to Edward and Aku Aku) - Juan (Douglas)
  • Stanley as Fake Crash/Trash Bandicoot - (Stanley suits his voice to Fake Crash/Trash Bandicoot) - Felipe (Sidney)
  • Sir Topham Hatt as The Narrator - Carlos (Douglas)


  • Thomas: (when he's transported to Diesel 10's starship) Whoa! (when he wins) He He Ha Ha! Ow-Uh (clucks)
  • Emily:(when she wins) Ha Ha Ha Ha (when she gets bumped) UMMPPPHHH (whistles)
  • Devious Diesel: Muahahahahahaha (when he works on a project) UUUGGHH (when he gets bumped)
  • Dennis: (when he falls) Whoooaa (when he manages) Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha (when he lives) Wahahaha! (when he gets bumped)Oof!
  • Hector: (when he wins) Roar ha ha ha ha (Roars threatingly) Growl (when he is cross)
  • Bulgy: OOOOHHHHHH!!!! Oh oh Oh Oh Ooh! Ooh ooh ooh! (when he wins, fails, falls, and cheers)
  • James: (when he scares the other engines) Roar! (when he gets hurt) Grunt! (laughs)
  • Henry: (when he manages to win) ROARAHAHA! (when he gets hurt) YOWW!! (growls)

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