Thomas/Captain Scarlet Parodies are clips or episodes with Thomas Footage and Images and Captain Scarlet Audio . Once I know how to make a Parody Clip I'll start the Series.

Main Cast

James-Captain Scarlet

Thomas-Captain Blue

Gordon-Colonel White

Percy-Lieutenant Green

Emily-Destiny Angel

Sir Handel-Captain Magenda

Freddie-Captain Grey

Edward-Captain Brown

Duncan-Captain Indigo

Diesel-Captain Black

Molly-Symphony Angel

Rosie-Melody Angel

Stepney-Rhapsody Angel

Elizabeth-Harmony Angel

Toby-World President

Troublesome Trucks-The Mysterons

Parody Episodes

01. The Troublesome Trucks

02. Freight Assassin

03. Great Waterton Strikes Again

04. Diesel Hunt

05. Landslide

06. Blue as Sea

07. The Trap

08. Operation Time

09. Steamies Strike Back

10. Special Job

11. The Heart of Wellsworth Yards

12. Sodor Yard 7

13. Point 783

14. Model Spy

15. Seek and Bash

16. Renagade Train

17. Smelter 101

18. Shadow of Fear

19. Dangerous Rendezvous

20. Fire at Coal Plant 15

21. Treble Cross

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