Thomas Club Land

You can spot your favourite Thomas characters here.


1. Thomas and Percy Rides

Let Thomas and Percy take you round Thomas Club Land along the tracks.

2. Harold and Jeremy's Flying Port

Let Harold and Jeremy take you along by pressing the buttons.

3. Diesel's Spinning Ride

Ride on Diesel, Arry, Bert, Mavis, Salty or Diesel 10 and get dizzy.

4. Racing Bertie's

Race Bertie, Bulgy, George, Butch, Jack and Alfie on a fun race and start again.

5. Lady's Carnival Ride

Get in Lady or a Circus Car and go along like a merry go round.

6. Scruffey's Troublesome Truck Coaster

Ride Scruffey or one of the Troublesome Trucks on a scary ride.

7. Cranky's Drop Tower

Let Cranky lift you and feel your stomach go light.

8. Peter Sam's Narrow Gauge Play

Go inside the Narrow Gauge Shed to play with Peter Sam, Skarloey, Rheneas, Sir Handel, Rusty, Duncan and Duke.

9. Terence and Trevor's Driving School

Drive Terence or Trevor around the yard.

10. Stepney's Life Ride

Go through water with Stepney on a waterfall ride, shut windows and the ride of your life.

11. Stanley's Driving Engines

Drive Stanley, Rosie, Neville, Molly, Dennis or Whiff along the track and meet with Thomas, Annie and Clarabel or Percy and the Mail.

12. Splatter and Dodge's Ghost Ride

Go in Splatter or Dodge and meet ghosts and your favourite engines.

13. Merry Go Round

Go on Thomas or Mavis and watch James, Bill and Boco in the sheds.


Thomas (Thomas and Percy Rides, Splatter and Dodge's Ghost Ride and Merry Go Round)

Edward (Ghost Ride)

Henry (Ghost Ride)

Gordon (Ghost Ride)

James (Ghost Ride and Merry Go Round)

Percy (Thomas and Percy Ride and Ghost Ride as Normal and Jack Frost)

Toby (Ghost Ride)

Duck (Thomas and Percy Ride Background)

Donald and Douglas (Ghost Ride)

Oliver (Driving Engine Background)

Emily (Ghost Ride)

Diesel (Spinning Ride)

Mavis (Spinning Ride and Merry Go Round)

Bill (Merry Go Round)

Boco (Merry Go Round)

Annie and Clarabel (Thomas and Percy Ride)

Bertie (Racing)

Terence (Driving School)

Trevor (Driving School)

Stepney (Life Ride)

Lady (Carnival Ride)

Diesel 10 (Spinning Ride)

Cranky (Drop Tower)

Arry & Bert (Spinning Ride)

Salty (Spinning Ride)

Spencer (Ghost Ride)

Splatter and Dodge (Ghost Ride)

Skarloey (Narrow Gauge Play)

Rheneas (Narrow Gauge Play)

Sir Handel (Narrow Gauge Play)

Peter Sam (Narrow Gauge Play)

Rusty (Narrow Gauge Play)

Duncan (Narrow Gauge Play)

Duke (Narrow Gauge Play)

Fat Controller

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