Thomas Direct-To-Video Special Script Ideas is a fan-fiction thing to make.

Thomas & The Old Line

Part One

  • Narrator: Sodor Day was coming to the Island of Sodor. Thomas and Rheneas were very excited. There will be picnics all over the Island and the Brass Band. Thomas and Rheneas were feeling happy.
  • Thomas: The Fat Controller wants us to go to each place.
  • Rheneas: Yeah!
  • Narrator: The two engines puff through bridges, windmills and tunnels. They were still very pleased. Soon, they found a old line. It was called "Great Tidmouth".
  • Rheneas: Bust my Buffers!
  • Thomas: An old line! I've never seen this before.
  • Rheneas: Neither have I.
  • Narrator: Thomas and Rheneas puffed through the old line. There were rusty rails, old buildings and broken trees. Soon, they had an idea.
  • Thomas: Maybe, we can restore the old line!
  • Rheneas: Yeah!
  • Narrator: So, Thomas puffed to see Duck.
  • Thomas: Hello, Duck. We're restoring the old line.
  • Duck: Yes, Thomas. We'll restore the old line for Sodor Day.
  • Thomas: Thank you, Duck. The old line will be restored.
  • Duck: Yes, Thomas. We're ready to restore the old line. So, come on!
  • Narrator: So, Thomas and Duck puffed to get cranes. Soon, Thomas, Duck and Rheneas were busy restoring Great Tidmouth. Soon, Great Tidmouth was good as new. Later, Rheneas puffed to have as drink of water. But on the way, he met a new engine. The new engine was bigger than Rheneas, had six small wheels, was painted purple and was called Hugh.
  • Hugh: Hello, my name's Hugh.
  • Narrator: Rheneas had never seen an new engine before.
  • Rheneas: Hello, my name's Rheneas.
  • Narrator: Hugh laughed and Rheneas really wanted to be in charge of Great Tidmouth.
  • Rheneas: Let's show Hugh that I'm in charge of Great Tidmouth tommorow.
  • Narrator: And he puffed away. Soon, he was puffing through the bushes with some coal trucks. Soon, he saw a rickety old bridge. It was very, very high. Rheneas was very scared.
  • Rheneas: I like high bridges. But this one is very high.
  • Narrator: So Rheneas puffed slowly on the bridge.
  • Rheneas: I'm going to make it.
  • Narrator: Suddenly, he heard a creaking sound. The bridge started to crumble. Rheneas didn't like it all. But he really wanted to get to the other side of the bridge.
  • Rheneas: I must be safe!
  • Narrator: So he puffed backwards fast. Soon, he was safe, as the bridge collasped.
  • Rheenas: Phew! Flatten my funnel!
  • Narrator: So he puffed into another line.

Part Two

  • Narrator: Thomas was at the station talking to the Fat Controller.
  • Thomas: We are in charge of Great Tidmouth.
  • The Fat Controller: Yes.
  • Thomas: Thanks, sir.
  • Narrator: And Thomas puffed to get loads. After he finished. Rheneas was talking to Hugh.
  • Rheneas: Will I be in charge tommorow?
  • Hugh: Yes!
  • Narrator: And Rheneas puffed to see Boco.
  • Rheneas: Excuse me, Boco.
  • Boco: What?
  • Rheneas: I am taking trucks to the station to see Mr. Percival.
  • Boco: Yeah.
  • Narrator: And Rheneas puffed into the station. Later, Rheneas was puffing into Great Tidmouth when he met Thomas.
  • Rheneas: Hello, Thomas.
  • Thomas: Hello, Rheneas.
  • Rheneas: Mr. Percival wants me in charge of Great Tidmouth tommorow.
  • Thomas: I love you, Rheneas.
  • Rheneas: Me too.
  • Thomas: Bye, Rheneas.
  • Rheneas: Bye, Thomas.
  • Narrator: And Rheneas puffed away to the sheds. When Rheneas arrived at the sheds, he was surprise to Hugh in his place in the shed.
  • Rheneas: What are you doing in my place?
  • Hugh: I was tired and I needed a place to rest.
  • Narrator: Rheneas was still in shock. Hugh blew his whistle. Then Skarloey blew his whistle. Then Sir Handel blew his whistle. Then Freddie blew his whistle.
  • Rheneas: My place is taken by Hugh!
  • Narrator: And he puffed into another shed and slept. The next morning, Rheneas was crying and puffed to see Thomas.
  • Thomas: Hello, Rheneas. You look upset. What's the matter?  
  • Rheneas: (crying throughout) Hugh, has, to take, my place.
  • Narrator: And he continued to cry.
  • Thomas: Rheneas, shhh. Tell me what happened.
  • Rheneas: Hugh, arrived on, Sodor, and he's going, to take, my place, and he's gonna, replace meeeeee.
  • Thomas: What do he do that?

Part Three

  • Rheneas: Because he's, jealous of me. So, he's going to take my plaaaace.
  • Thomas: What's your problem, Rheneas.
  • Rheneas: (stops crying) Last time when, we saw the line, we restored it and, then Hugh arrived on Sodor.
  • Thomas: Oh, that's nice.
  • Rheneas: But then, when, I was jealous of Hugh. I was, trying to, cross an, old bridge. But then, it collasped, so I, went to a. different line. Then, I pulled my train to, the station. When, I got, to the sheds, Hugh's in my, place. And the next, morning, Hugh's going to, take my, place and make Great Tidmouth think I'm replaaaaced. (cries again)
  • Thomas: Rheneas, It will be okay. These things happen.
  • Rheneas: (stops crying) Yes, Thomas. Goodbye!
  • Thomas: Thank you, Rheneas.
  • Narrator: Rheneas was very happy. First, he took a line of coaches to the station. Then, he delivered the trucks into the coaling plant. Then, he took Jack to his work.
  • Rheneas: I need you all to work extra hard.
  • Jack: Don't worry Rheneas. I'll make sure Ned and Oliver load as fast as they can. And I'll make sure Max and Monty behave.
  • Narrator: Later that morning, Rheneas was pulling some heavy trucks. He was still thinking about Hugh. He was thnking so much about him that he wasn't watching where he was going. Then, there was touble. Rheneas puff to fast around a tight bend. Then, he came off the rails.
  • Rheneas: Oh no.
  • Narrator: Luckly, no one was hurt. His driver went to get help. Soon, Thomas arrived with Rocky and Mr. Percival. Mr. Percival was cross.
  • Mr. Percival: Rheneas, you must go to the Sodor Steamworks to be mended.
  • Narrator: Rheneas didn't want to go the Sodor Steamworks. He wanted to stay in charge.
  • Mr. Percival: While you're away, Hugh will be in charge.
  • Narrator: This was the worst news ever for Rheneas.

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