• Thomas as Himself
  • Duke as Edward
  • Hank as Henry
  • Spencer as Gordon
  • Duncan as James (Both vain and bossy)
  • Emily as Percy (I know, Emily is female)
  • Victor as Toby
  • Oliver as Duck
  • James as Oliver
  • Rosie as Emily
  • Madge as Rosie
  • Bulgy as Diesel (James can't be Diesel, James is good, Diesel is evil)
  • Bash as Bill
  • Dash as Ben
  • Salty as BoCo (Not Spencer!)
  • Molly as Daisy
  • Flora as Lady (Not herself)
  • D261 as Diesel 10
  • Mighty as Donald
  • Mac as Douglas
  • Whiff as Stepney
  • Hector as Bulstrode
  • BoCo as Murdoch
  • Murdoch as Hank
  • Mavis as Molly
  • Diesel as Spencer
  • Rocky as Harvey
  • Scruff as Arthur
  • Theodore (from TT) as Skarloey
  • Hank (from TT) as Rheneas
  • George (from TT) as Sir Handel
  • Foduck (from TT) as Peter Sam
  • Oliver (from TT) as Duncan
  • Duck as Stepney
  • Bulstrode as D261
  • George as Bulgy
  • Sixteen (from RWS) as George
  • Diesel as Hector (If Hector was a real villian on this episode)

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