This page shows the Thomas Fan Fictions Season 1 blocks which air in the US on Cartoon Network, Sprout and PBS Kids wee everyday and in the UK on Nick Jr and Nick Jr 2 everyday.


  • Something Fishy - Gordon Fish Day, Troublesome Trucks song and Hank and the Fish Delivery
  • Passenger Trains - Connor The Tourist, 5 new engines in the shed song and Dirty Bertie
  • Safety First! - A New Day for Sidney, The Work Song and The Pack Back in Action
  • Evil Diesels - The Spy, Busy song and The Barbie-Que
  • Great Western Tales - Duck's Coach, One Friendly Family song and The Duck and the Toad
  • Narrow Gauge Adventures - Narrow Gauge on Standard Gauge, Narrow Gauge song and Whistle Limit
  • Strange Times - The Easter Engine, Winter Wonderland song and The Sodor Quiz
  • Saving The Day - Thomas helps Charity, It's Gonna Be a Great Day song and The Search for the Lost Crown
  • There's Always Something New - Harvey Joins the Crew, There's Always Something New song and A Dog Is a Engine's Best Friend
  • Home Sweet Home - There's No Place like Sodor, Suprises song and No Bluebells
  • What To Do? - Blue Mountain Butch, Searching Everywhere song and Ordering Trouble
  • Bob's Laptop - Bob's Laptop Part 1, There's No One Quite Like Emily song and Bob's Laptop Part 2
  • Trying to Do Things Better - Bob's Laptop Part 3, Trying song and Derek's Toothache

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