Thomas As Flapjack

Emily As Bubbie The Stupid Happy Whale

James as Captain K'nuckles(both wear Red)

Edward as Peppermint Larry

Diesel as Dr.Barber(Both Evil & Creepy)

Daisy as The Dock-hag

Mavis as Lady Nickle-bottoms

Toby as Charles

Spencer as The Inventor

Gordon as Poseidon(Both Big & Have Blue)

Whiff As Slippery Pete

Duncan as Kid Nickles

Duck as Lolly poop-deck

Molly as Mrs. Leading

Henry as Handsome Pete(Both Have an H)

Oliver As Captain Handy

Diesel 10 as Baron Berserker

BO-Co As Constable Norm(both almost big)

Troublesome Trucks as the Trouble Making Children & The Sea-Urchins

Sir-Handel as the Creepy Old Man

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