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Thomas Gets Stuck is the 8th episode of the first season.


Thomas and James are having a catch-me-if-you-can race. However, Thomas starts to go too fast, and crashes into an old shed, making a hole in it. He then realizes that he is stuck. It's up to James, Percy, and the other engines to get Thomas out.


  • Thomas
  • Edward
  • Henry
  • Gordon
  • James
  • Percy
  • Toby
  • Duck
  • Donald and Douglas
  • Oliver
  • Bill and Ben


  • First time we see an engine get stuck.


Narrator: It was a sunny day on Sodor. Thomas the Tank Engine, and his friend, James the Red Engine, were having a catch-me-if-you-can race.

Thomas: Ha, ha! I'm in the lead! You can't catch me, James!

James: Oh, yes, I can!

Narrator: Then, James raced after Thomas, and was soon in the lead.

James: You'll never catch me, Thomas!

Thomas: I will indeed!

Narrator: Thomas raced and roared, until he was soon in front of James. Then, there was trouble. Thomas was going too fast.

Thomas: Cinders and ashes! I can't stop!

Narrator: And Thomas sped along the line.

James: Watch out, Thomas!

Narrator: But Thomas couldn't hear James. And he was heading for an old shed. Thomas crashed through the shed, and made a big hole in it. He tried to puff forward, but he couldn't. He tried to go back, but he couldn't.

Thomas: Bust my buffers! I'm stuck!

James: Oh, no! Don't worry, Thomas! I'll get you out of there!

Narrator: James puffed forward, and buffered up to Thomas. Then, he tried to push him out of the shed, but it was no use.

James: I'll just have to get the other engines to help!

Narrator: And James raced away.

Thomas: I hope James comes back soon.

Narrator: And James did come back. He brought Percy, Gordon, Henry, Edward, Toby, Donald, Douglas, Duck, and Oliver with him.

Percy: Bubbling boilers! Thomas is really stuck!

Gordon: Don't worry, little Thomas!

Henry: We'll soon have you out!

Edward: But how are we going to get Thomas out?

James: Hey, look! I see the Breakdown Train over there in that siding! Maybe that will help get Thomas out!

Narrator: So James collected the Breakdown Train from the siding. Then, he pulled it over to Thomas. Soon, the Breakdown Train was hooked up to Thomas. James pulled the Breakdown Train while it was pulling Thomas. But Thomas still wouldn't budge.

James: Oh, bother!

Thomas: Oh, dear! I think I'll be stuck here forever!

Duck: No, you won't, Thomas.

Oliver: We can help you get out.

Toby: You will soon be free.

Donald: You can be really useful again.

Douglas: And you will feel better.

Thomas: Thanks, everyone.

Narrator: So the engines were all coupled up to each other. James was coupled up to Thomas. Percy was coupled up to James. Gordon was coupled up to Percy. Henry was coupled up to Gordon. Edward was coupled up to Henry. Toby was coupled up to Edward. Donald was coupled up to Toby. Douglas was coupled up to Donald. Duck was coupled up to Douglas. Oliver was coupled up to Duck. And they all pulled and tugged as hard as ever they could. But Thomas was still stuck.

Gordon: It didn't work!

Henry: He didn't move!

Edward: I wish you were more slippery, Thomas.

James: I have an idea! Mud is very slippery. Why don't I go and get some mud?

Percy: But where are we going to find mud?

James: Then we'll just have to look for it! Come on, Percy!

Narrator: So James and Percy puffed along the tracks to find some mud. Bill and Ben were happily playing in some mud. They were splashing each other.

Bill: Splashed you, Ben!

Ben: Splashed you back, Bill!

Narrator: Just then, James and Percy pulled up.

James: We need some of this mud.

Percy: Thomas is stuck inan old shed, and we need it to make him slippery, so that he can slip through.

Bill: Okay then!

Ben: You'll soon be loaded up!

Narrator: Soon, the mud was loaded onto Percy and James' trucks. And together, James and Percy hauled the mud back to Thomas.

James: We brought some mud to free Thomas!

Percy: He'll soon be out of that shed!

Thomas: Thank you, James! Thank you, Percy!

Narrator: So Percy and James' drivers spread the mud all over Thomas to make him slippery. Then, all the engines pulled and tugged the Breakdown Train, which was pulling Thomas. At last, Thomas was free.

James, Percy, Gordon, Henry, Edward, Toby, Donald, Douglas, Duck, and Oliver: Hooray!

Thomas: Thank you for helping me, everyone.

Narrator: And they all puffed back to Tidmouth Sheds.

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