Also known as Thomas and the Explosion

Created by: Ned Grabiec

Directed by: Ned Grabiec

Based on the books by: The Rev. W. Awdry

Copyright goes to HIT


Thomas Sangster

Oscar Steer

Colin Firth

Phil Lollar

Eros Vlahos

Kelsey Grammer

John Morris

Emma Thompson

Peter Sallis

In Britain, Thomas lives with his friends at Tidmouth Sheds on Sodor. He has loads of friends and wants to travel to Misty Island to bring Bash, Dash and Ferdinand to help but when he and Percy travel on a boat, they float to America where they meet a whole load of new engines. While they are in America they meet an engine in charge called Charge, the engine in charge of the others. He shows Thomas and Percy round America but one day leaves them in an explosion with a bomb and reveals to be a villain he ties them to the explosion and leaves laughing evilly, the other engines want to help the two but Charge won't let them, Helpful the most friendly engine tells the others to chase Charge and at a pond nearby where others catch up, Charge derails and splashes into the river drowning and dying then the nice engines go and help Thomas and Percy, Crane the handy crane engine crushes the bomb with his strong mighty crane. Andy the handy engine who is speedy pushes the two away and the explosion falls over America and into Britain where Thomas's friends live. Luckily on Sodor, Flynn squirts water at the fire and puts it out. Bulstrode and large boats find Thomas and Percy in America and since there are 8 large boats, the American engines come too and they sail back to Sodor. The Fat Controller and his engines are surprised to see twenty-nine new engines. (Charge is dead) and Thomas and Percy tell their old friends about their adventure with the logging locos arriving. Now The Fat Controller has a whole load of new engines and they all become good friends. As the credits go it first shows the engines having fun together then watching movies about Thomas's recent adventures.


Thomas Sangster as Thomas-the main protagonist of the movie

Oscar Steer as Percy-Thomas's best friend

Colin Firth as The Fat Controller-the director of the railway

Kelsey Grammer as Charge-the main antagonist of the movie

John Morris as Helpful-the most helpful engine in America

Peter Sallis as Crane-the craney engine of America

Emma Thompson as Andy-the fastest engine in America

Tim Allen as Flynn-the red fire engine who can run on road and track

Simon Greenall as Butch-the tow truck made from a diesel, lorry and crane

Phil Lollar as Edward-the number 2 blue engine

Rob Rackstraw as Henry-the number 3 green engine

Eros Vlahos as Gordon-the number 4 blue engine

Eros Vlahos as James-the number 5 red engine

David Kelly as Toby-the number 7 brown tram engine

Jeff Stewart as Emily-the eremald green engine

Frank Kelly as Diesel-the naughty black diesel engine

Harry Shearer as Diesel 10-the evil metal armed diesel

Tracey Moore as Rosie-a purple engine with freckles who fancies Thomas

Tony Rosato as Murdoch-a big orange engine with 10 drive wheels

Tracey Moore as Molly-a yellow tender engine

Ned Beatty as Other American Engines

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