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This is the sequel to The Adventures of Thomas and Friends on the Railways of Sodor.

New Steam Team

  • Thomas Jr is the son of Thomas and Molly.
  • May is the daughter of Thomas and Molly.
  • Matthew is the banker at Gordon's Hill for new generation trains.
  • Alex is the new engine who runs Wellsworth Branch.
  • Daniel help father Henry with main line work.
  • Victoria helps mother Emily on the Ffarquhar.
  • Dominic does Expresses with father Gordon.
  • Orion does them with Spencer, cousin of father Gordon.
  • Melissa does freight with James.
  • Josh does passengers with James.
  • Brendan does passengers with Daisy.
  • Kelly pulls Percy's coaches.
  • Billy shunts with Percy.
  • Brock does quarrying with Toby.
  • Misty does passengers with Toby.
  • Max does passengers with Flora.
  • Doug does long-run frieght with Chelsea.
  • Paul does Duck's jobs with him.
  • Tavish helps Donald and Uncle Douglas.
  • Kenna helps Anna and Olivia on Norramby.
  • Falcon is Eagle's son and does Norramby mixed traffic with him.
  • Hawk too.
  • Eliza is Spencer's daughter. Does Quinlee's jobs with her.
  • Shelley does Mavis's quarry shunting with her. Annoys Brock.
  • Nate does Rosie's jobs with her.
  • Olton does Little Western shunting.
  • Ash does mixed-traffic long run with Wendy.
  • Stanley Jr. does shunting with Dad.
  • Mike is Boco's son and does his quarrying and was fooled by Baxter and Buster and their twin brothers Harry and Jack.
  • Pedro now runs the Steamworks and Kevin's son Chris is the new clumst crane.
  • Richard is the main sub-hero in the movie. He saves Sodor from Alfred being his son. He is a spy for the NWR. He learns of Alfred and Diesel 10's plan with 10's son, Diesel 171.
  • April is Neville's daughter.
  • Thomas the first.
  • Molly, May's mother.
  • Andrew is Arthur's son.
  • Howard is Fletcher's son.


The engines have random numbers.

  • 97 Matthew
  • 100 Dominic
  • 121 May
  • 111 Thomas Jr.
  • 123 Orion
  • 147 Daniel
  • 152 Victoria
  • 176 Doug
  • 191 Melissa
  • 200 Brendan
  • 206 Kelly
  • 212 Josh
  • 219 Brock
  • 231 Billy
  • 247 Misty
  • 248 Max
  • 267 Talia (Duck's daughter)
  • 275 Tavish
  • 276 Kenna
  • 289 Eliza
  • 300 Hawk
  • 301 Falcon
  • 302 Ash
  • 312 Nate
  • 313 Stanley Jr.
  • 327 Stancy
  • 328 Claude
  • 339 Olton
  • 347 Alex
  • 351 Andrew
  • 353 Howard
  • 372 April
  • 374 Pedro
  • 377 Richard
  • 351 Andrew
  • D18 Mike
  • D19 Shelley



  • May is Thomas+Molly's tender
  • Thomas Jr. is Thomas repainted over his number.
  • Matthew is Edward with a repainted tender.
  • Alex is Bridget with a repainted tender.
  • Daniel is Emily with a repainted tender and modified smokebox area.
  • Victoria is Henry with a repainted tender.
  • Dominic is Gordon with a repainted tender.
  • Orion is Gordon with a repainted tender.
  • Dawn and Gail are Danni (x2) with a repainted tender.
  • Melissa, Josh, Brendan, Hawk, and Falcon are James (x5) with a repainted tender and Melissa in green.
  • Brock is Toby modified and repainted.
  • Misty is Toby repainted.
  • Max is Flora repainted.
  • Doug is Chelsea with a repainted tender.
  • Talia is Duck repainted.
  • Tavish is Donald/Douglas repainted
  • Kenna is Emily repainted
  • Nate is Oliver repainted
  • Ash is Stanley repainted


  • Thomas Jr. and the National Railway Museum- The NWR ventures to the NRM where they have many mishaps until the NRM is burnt down to the ground in a fire.
  • Thomas Jr. and the Creator Express- Thomas and Molly discuss having another child, but Thomas Jr. overhears. May is unsure if it's a borther or sister, but there's something Junior forgot.......................
  • Last of the Railways Part 1- The NWR is in danger of closing so Thomas and his son talk to Sir Topham about plans, but the final decision is fatal. Thomas and Neville venture to the Southern Railway but what lays ahead is devastating.
  • Last of the Railways Part 2- Gordon and Spencer left with Toby to the LNER what is there is horrible. Meanwhile, Harley and Dennis are at the NRM with Eagle and Stanley, but Flying Scotsman has bad news.
  • Last of the Railways Part 3- Arthur and Henry and Emily are at the LMS where William Stanier's descendant is running the railway, but his railway is dying. Percy, Duck, OLiver, Goose, and Harry are at the GWR where only one of every class has lived.
  • Last of the Railways Part 4- Everyone returns to Sodor with all the help they can, but Thomas Jr. and Billy have lost Lady and Lord. East Coast legend Flying Scotsman runs in under a heavy strain with Boxhill with a very.... special train.
  • Last of the Railways Part 5- Diesel 100 has raised an army which has been destroying the English Railways and Richard has betrayed his father Alfred and revealed all to Thomas and the others when Rosie and Hank return from America with Pennsylvanian engines.
  • Last of the Railways Part 6- No railway is safe. Narrow gauge 'John W' joins Diesel 100's army and attacks the Skarloey Railway and the Steamworks with Dum Do the road pickup truck. Rack railway diesel Billy N joins them and tries to throw the CFR engines off mountains with his claw.
  • Last of the Railways Part 7- Sir Topham dies and his, Sir Topham VI takes over the NWR. He sends for all railways of all time to join 'their noble cause' and save the last of the railways.
  • Last of the Railways Part 8- Harry destroys the mines with Devin and traps workers. This sends the US railways into the action and send more Pennsylvania engines. Gavin locks up the Docks with a claw diesel.
  • Last of the Railways Part 9- Culdee and Eric mobilize help from the Snowdon Mountain Railway and the Tallylyn Railway sends all its engines with all the Ffestiniog engines to the MSR, the Skarloey, and recently attacked EWR.
  • Last of the Railways Part 10- Sodor is now a war zone. No place is safe. Other countries are flying people off Sodor and sailing them to Man and flying to Ireland. The war begins with: Much will be lost-little will be gained-Steam will die but those who are strong and brave-Thomas the Tank Engine
  • Last of the Railways Part 11- Many engines are dying and lost-with the loss of steam Lady and Lord are losing their magic. Harry has a change of heart after almost the whole first generation is broken or lost-hidden to keep them alive-Harry knows he must do what is right. He joins the steam engine side. He and Thomas Jr. lead the new battle charge which is stronger than the last-they are fighting for their parents.
  • Last of the Railways Part 13- The CFR, EWR, SMR, MSR, and Skarloey engines are shipped off for safety. All that is left is the North Western Railway Army, and the Clawers Army. Alfred is split-he is fighting to destroy steam. We learn why he did this in the first place and Thomas Jr. tells how it happened and why. He learns what will happen if he destroys all of steam. He and Gavin and Alfred's family join the other side.
  • Last of the Railways Part 14- Spamcan, Bowler, and Old Stuck Up learn from Alfred what will happen if all steam engines are destroyed. Being not as bad as the clawed diesels, they join Thomas Jr.'s army. Diesel 10 and 11 anlong with D12 get lost on the SWR where they are never seen or heard from after. The Logging Locos cather backup and come with reenforcements.
  • Last of the Railways Part 15- The last charge is two-on-twenty with Thomas Jr. and Ash being the two. They set everyone else aside fro fear they will need to be scrapped. In the movie's climax Ash is lost and Thomas Jr. is facing the diesels-all is on his bunkers-the fate of the railways.
  • Last of the Railways Part 16- The winning side restores everything they lost, recovering, refinding them, repairing them and they make sure no one will disrupt them.

Last of the Railways is 52 hours long at between 3 and 4 hours a part. First seen on television with fours parts a day. On DVD as collector's set, which is all of them on one DVD and the other is part-by-part.

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