It was a tingly spring morning in Ponyville. Rainbow Dash was excited. Princess Celestia has sent her to collect a special from Lady Hatt.

"Spot on, Rainbow Dash!" Lady Hatt said. "You'd make a mother proud."

"Thanks, ma'am!" Rainbow said. "Is this my special?"

"Very special." she answered.

"I'm Thomas the Tank Engine!" he peeped proudly. "I can haul and shunt!"

"I can clear the skies ten seconds flat!" boasted Rainbow Dash.

"And I can get you two chatterboxes off to the quarry!" laughed Lady Hatt. Rainbow climbed into Thomas' cab, and the two of them set off.

"Is this your first job at the quarry in Ponyville?" called Rainbow Dash.

"It's my first job in this place!" Thomas called back.

"Watch out for 'Arry and Bert!" Rainbow added. "I've heard they're more troublesome than ever!"

Soon, Rainbow Dash delivered Thomas to the quarry. All of his engine friends were preparing the site for new buildings in Ponyville. Thomas couldn't wait to join in. He scooted towards Oliver the Great Western Engine.

"Hello, Oliver! Can I help?"

"Oh, my, no." Oliver replied kindly. "Help Gordon."

Gordon the Big Express Engine was pulling heavy metal posts with all his strength.

"Hello, Gordon! Can I help?"

"I don't need help, little Thomas." boomed Gordon. "Try Toby over there."

Thomas found Toby the Tram Engine parked onto the right track with Emily the Stirling Engine, who was on the left.

"Hello, you two!" he steamed cheerfully.

"Thomas, mind my paint!" snapped Emily.

"Emily!" scolded Toby.

"Sorry. We're glad you came to help."

"And if you want to work..." said Toby.

"See Sir Topham Hatt!" Emily said cheekily. "He's in charge of the building work here."

Sir Topham Hatt introduced Thomas to his pony operator.

"I'm here to help you work safely." said the operator.

"No speeding and no - Ahem! - horseplay." added Sir Topham Hatt. "Now go help Percy."

"Yes, sir!" replied Thomas eagerly, and he raced off.

"Remember," called the operator. "safety first!"

Percy is a saddle tank engine and Thomas' best friend. He can make the hardest job seem like play. He was delighted when he saw Thomas rolling up to him.

"Hello, Percy! I'm here to help!"

"And I'm really glad you're here to help, Thomas! More help means more dirt. More dirt means more fun! Let's get started!"

Thomas and Percy were working hard and having wonderful fun. Suddenly, two familiar diesels roared by.

"'Arry and Bert!!" Percy cried.

"They must be helping out as well." said Thomas. "Rainbow Dash is right. They are more troublesome than ever!"

Before he could say anything else, 'Arry suddenly shot forward straight towards Thomas.

"Look out, Thomas!" cried Percy. 'Arry stopped just in time. Thomas refused to move.

"Stop bullying!" said Thomas bravely.

"Can't you take a joke?" 'Arry grumbled as he and Bert rumbled away.

"Thank you, Thomas." said Percy.

Then Sir Topham Hatt shouted, "Oliver, move those freight cars!"

"I'll do it!!" whistled Thomas. Thomas shunted some freight cars into a line.

"Stop!!" shouted his operator. But he didn't stop. He was too eager to help. He puffed up the hill with all of his might.

"No!" shouted Emily. But it was too late. Thomas' driver and fireman quickly jumped out of the cab as he hit a bump on the track which caused him to tip to the edge of the hill.

"Oh, no!" yelled Thomas as he slid down boiler first into some metal barrels.


"Oops...!" Thomas sputtered. Lady Hatt was glad Thomas wasn't hurt, but she was disappointed.

"Safety first," she said firmly. "means you don't push in where you don't belong."

"I'm sorry, ma'am..." Thomas said sadly.

"Maybe you're not ready to be here." said Lady Hatt. "We'll see if you can do better again tomorrow."

After Lady Hatt returned to the yards, Thomas was upset. Emily could see he was unhappy.

"You're a good shunter." said Emily.

"And a good friend." said Percy.

"Being a good friend is important." said Rainbow Dash.

That made Thomas feel just a bit better.

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