Thomas Kart Wii (2008) is a Thomas/Mario Kart Wii parody series with Thomas the Tank Engine, The Little Engine That Could, Casey Jr. and Friends, TUGS, Melody Time, Theodore Tugboat, Disney, Sonic, and all train show photos and clips and Mario Kart Wii audio.


  • Thomas as Mario (Thomas and Mario are both the main characters, because Thomas is Rollo the Clown)
  • Tillie as Peach (Tillie and Peach are both girlfriends to Thomas and Mario)
  • Ten Cents as Luigi (Ten Cents and Luigi are both best friends to Thomas and Mario)
  • Little Toot as Yoshi (Little Toot and Yoshi are both young friends to Ten Cents, Thomas, Luigi, and Mario)
  • Theodore as Toad (Theodore and Toad are both small and kind)
  • Casey Jr. as Donkey Kong (Casey Jr. and Donkey Kong both take care of Toots and Diddy Kong)
  • Georgia as Daisy (Georgia and Daisy are both girlfriends to Ten Cents and Luigi)
  • Merlock as Bowser (Merlock and Bowser are both evil and mean)
  • Top Hat as Wario (Top Hat and Wario are both vain)
  • Zorran as Waluigi (Zorran and Waluigi are both rivals to Top Hat and Wario)
  • The Mickey Mouse Characters as The Fans (The Mickey Mouse Characters are good fans of the race, because they are toys who are aboard the train)
  • The Hot Wheels Racetrack as The Mario Kart Track (The drivers race on this track in 3 sections)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog as The Flagman (Sonic the Hedgehog is cheeky, but the flagman is vain)
  • Sir Topham Hatt as Mario' Controller
  • Rollo the Clown as Peach's Controller
  • Captain Star as Luigi's Controller
  • Singer #1 as Yoshi's Controller
  • The Harbourmaster as Toad's Controller
  • King Acorn as Donkey Kong's Controller
  • Jill as Daisy's Controller
  • Captain Zero as Wario and Waluigi's Controller


  • Narrator: This is a parody series, featuring the Thomas Kart Wii (2008 Game). This is also about early learning, that is made into parodies by everyone, when the kids are watching them, because Thomas is a train.
  • Thomas: Ready, set, go!
  • Sonic: (flags down)
  • Thomas: Oh dear, wait! Who is the flagman's name?
  • The Fat Controller: His name is Sonic.
  • Thomas: I'll better go tell him he is at the races.
  • Narrator: Thomas catches up to his friends, but what happened to him is the truth that seven minutes before he arrived at the race, before he answered for luck.
  • Tillie: Stop, Thomas, stop!
  • Sonic: (flags down)
  • Thomas: Oh no, my luck!
  • Theodore: Race the area!
  • Thomas: Okay.
  • Narrator: With something bad happens, (Seven minutes passed before the fans finished the race after once), will Thomas be able to race from start to finish, send all of his friends to the finish before time passed, and finish the race, or all the friends will be late for the races so that Sir Topham Hatt said they will sleep for a while?
  • Thomas: Hey, we are starting the race, it's already started. (Sonic flags down all the racers) Ready, Set the Track, and Go!
  • Narrator: (The new race starts) Then tune in back to the race for seven days until 2011 before for the Thomas Kart Wii Game (2008), coming soon to YouTube, uploaded on June 24, 2011. (Thomas passes the racers to the finish line)

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