Thomas R100-£50.00

Annie R101-£10.00

Clarabel R102-£10.00

Milk Tanker R103-£8.00

Tar Tanker R104-£8.00

Percy R110-£35.00

Bertie R111-£20.00

Thomas, Percy and Bertie Racing Set R112 (Comes with Track Pack 1)-£285.00

Gordon R115-£110.00

James R116-£90.00

Toby R117-£55.00

Fuel Tanker R118-£8.00

Troublesome Truck 1 R119-£10.00

Troublesome Truck 2 R120-£10.00

Terence R122-£25.00

Troublesome Truck 3 R123-£10.00

Troublesome Truck 4 R124-£

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