Thomas Michael Angelis UK DVD ideas is a fan-fiction thing to make.

No Joke For James and Other Stories


  1. Trust Thomas
  2. Mavis
  3. Toby's Tightrope
  4. No Joke For James
  5. Percy's Promise
  6. Henry's Forest
  7. The Trouble With Mud


  • Narrated by Michael Angelis.
  • Distributed by The Video Collection.

Front Cover

  • James from "The Trouble with Mud"

Back Cover

  • Thomas from "Trust Thomas"

Best of Michael Angelis


  1. A Scarf for Percy 
  2. Steam Roller
  3. Something in the Air
  4. Faulty Whistles
  5. Gordon and Spencer
  6. Thomas Gets it Right
  7. Thomas' Day Off
  8. A Smooth Ride
  9. Hector the Horrid
  10. Heave Ho! Thomas
  11. Play Time
  12. Gordon and Ferdinand
  13. Stop that Bus
  14. The Christmas Tree Express


  1. It's Great to be an Engine
  2. A World Around You
  3. Engine Roll Call

Bonus Features

  • Tribute to Michael Angelis music Video (Song:i'll go wherever you will go by the Calling)


  • Narrated by Michael Angelis.
  • The Season 13 intro, cartoon sequence (2009-present) and the Season 13 outro are used together.
  • A Scarf for Percy is restored.

Front Cover

  • Thomas from "A Scarf for Percy"

Back Cover

  • Sir Handel and George from "Steam Roller"
  • Toby and Rheneas from "The Christmas Tree Express"

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