Thomas/The Land Before Time

  • Thomas as Littlefoot
  • James as Chomper
  • Emily as Ali
  • Rosie as Ruby
  • Flora as Ducky
  • Mavis as Cera
  • Percy as Petrie
  • Dennis as Spike
  • Diesel as Red Claw
  • Arry as Screech
  • Bert as Thud
  • Gordon as Topsy
  • Henry as Mr. Thicknose
  • Edward as Rooter
  • Murdoch as Bron
  • Duck as Shorty
  • Bertie as Guido
  • Billy as Rhett
  • Diesel 10 as Sharptooth
  • Donald and Douglas as Ozzy and Strut
  • Spencer as Chomper's Dad (Spencer and Chomper's Dad are both half good, half bad)
  • Daisy as Chomper's Mom (Daisy and Chomper's Mom are both half good, half bad. Just like Spencer and Chomper's Dad)

Thomas/Wakko's Wish

  • James as Yakko
  • Thomas as Wakko
  • Emily as Dot
  • Stepney as Pinky
  • Diesel as Brain
  • Dasiy as Slappy Squirrel
  • Percy as Skippy Squirrel
  • Rosie as Mindy
  • Bertie as Buttons
  • Edward as Otto Scratchansniff
  • Molly as Hello Nurse
  • Duck as Constable Ralph
  • Spencer as Baron Von Plotz
  • Douglas as Pesto
  • Henry as Bobby
  • Donald as Squit
  • Toby as Runt
  • Mavis as Rita
  • Diesel 10 as King Salazar
  • BoCo as Desire Fulfilment Facilitator
  • Oliver as Captain of the Guards
  • Sir Handel as Mr. Director
  • Lady as Minerva Mink
  • Jack as Baloney the Dinosaur
  • Connor as Flavio
  • Belle as Mindy's Mom
  • Caitlin as Marita

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