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Thomas/The Lion King

  • Gordon as Mufasa
  • Mavis as Sarabi
  • Percy as Young Simba
  • Molly as Sarafina
  • Rosie as Young Nala
  • Thomas as Adult Simba
  • Emily as Adult Nala
  • Duck as Timon
  • James as Zazu
  • Henry as Pumbaa
  • Edward as Rafiki
  • Diesel as Scar
  • Elizabeth as Shenzi
  • Arry/Bert as Banzai
  • Bill/Ben as Ed
  • Lady as Kiara
  • Donald/Douglas as Kovu
  • Daisy as Zira

Thomas/The Aristocats

  • Emily as Duchess
  • Rosie as Marie
  • Percy as Berlioz
  • Thomas as Toulouse
  • Donald as Napoleon
  • Douglas as Lafayette
  • James as Thomas O'Malley
  • Annie as Amelia Gabble
  • Clarabel as Abigal Gabble
  • Spencer as Edgar
  • Peter Sam as Roquefort
  • Gordon as Scat Cat
  • Duck as Shun Gon
  • Oliver as Hit Cat
  • Edward as Peppo
  • Murdoch as Billy Boss
  • Lady Hatt as Madam Adelaide Bonfamille
  • Duke as George Hautecourt
  • Molly as Frou-Frou
  • Toby as Uncle Waldo
  • BoCo as Dennis the Rat
  • Derek as Morter the Frog

Thomas/Shining Time Station

  • Thomas as Mr. Conductor (Ringo Starr)
  • Percy as Mr. Conductor (George Carlin)
  • Emily as Stacy Jones
  • James as Schemer
  • Billy as Matt
  • Rosie as Tanya
  • Duck as Dan
  • Mavis as Kara
  • Molly as Becky
  • Henry as Harry Cupper
  • Gordon as Billy Twofeathers
  • Duncan as Schemee
  • Jack as Tito
  • Isobella as Didi
  • Monty and Max as Tex and Rex
  • The Fat Controller as JB King
  • Miss Jenny as Grace
  • Elizabeth as Midge Smoot
  • Madge as Ginny
  • Hector as Mayor Flopdinger
  • Bertie as Felix
  • Sir Handel as Kit
  • Daisy as Vickie
  • Edward as Mr. Nicholas
  • Stanley as Tucker
  • Murdoch as Barton Winslow
  • Annie and Clarabel as Midge Smoot's Granddaughters
  • Oliver as Hobart Hume
  • Toby as Edmund
  • Rusty as Rusty
  • Skarloey as Prince Michael Mikey
  • Lady Hatt as The Queen
  • Stepney as Amazo the Great
  • Harvey as Barry Prince
  • Diesel as Mr. Conductor's Evil Twin
  • George as Buster the Bully
  • Arry and Bert as Bull and Biff
  • Bulgy and Diesel 10 as The Evil Workers
  • Flora as Mr. Conductor's Sister
  • Duke as Max
  • Trevor as Ned Kincaid
  • The TUGS characters as Thomas and his Friends


  • Thomas as Sonic
  • Percy as Tails
  • James as Antoine
  • Molly as Bunnie
  • Emily as Sally
  • Mavis as Dulcy
  • Toby as Uncle Chuck
  • Diesel as Snively
  • Bulgy as Dr. Robotnik (AoSTH)/Dr. Eggman
  • Diesel 10 as Dr. Robotnik (SatAM/SU)
  • Bill as Scratch
  • Ben as Grounder
  • Spencer as Coconuts
  • Daisy as Breezie
  • Edward as Shadow
  • Elizabeth as Rouge
  • Duck as Rotor
  • Gordon as Knuckles
  • Henry as Espio
  • Donald as Big Gritz
  • Douglas as Big Mike
  • Rosie as Amy
  • Lady as Cream
  • Toad as Cheese
  • Harvey as Big
  • BoCo as Vector
  • Terence as Charmy
  • Skarloey as Sonic Jr.
  • Rheneas as Sarah
  • Sir Handel as Timothy
  • Peter Sam as Chris
  • Rusty as Gamma
  • Duncan as Mr. Tanaka
  • Arthur as Wes Weasley

Thomas/The Fox & The Hound

  • Sir Handel as Young Tod
  • Bertie as Young Copper
  • Diesel as Amous Slad
  • Duncan as Cheif
  • Boco as Adult Copper
  • Thomas as Adult Tod
  • Emily as Vixey
  • Flora as Big Mama
  • Duck as Porcupine
  • Hank as Grumpy Badger
  • Arry/Bert as Dinky
  • Bill/Ben as Boomer
  • Lady Hatt as Widow Tweed
  • Diesel 10 as The Bear

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