Thomas Saves Christmas is a Thomas Club Movie


It is the 20th December and Thomas and his friends are going to see a panto at the theatre 'Find the True Love'. When they get there it is about to start. Jane (Mary Sellers) a young lady longs for a true love. The Witch (Ted Tree) tells her she'll find her true love but the Witch locks Jane in a cage. Jane's Mum (Nisha Roads) takes her out the cage and meets with Jane's Dad (Hank Himoliyoung) who have found Jane's True Love. Prince Percy (Louie Wach) gets married to Jane but the Witch catches up and takes Jane's parents away and comes back telling them they are dead. Thomas, James and Percy boo at the Witch from the Audience. Prince Percy puts the Witch in a cage when he manages too and pulls it up. Jane tells Percy they'll be married. Percy in the audience blushes red. Jane and Percy kiss and ride away on a cow (Charlie Chuck & Holly Hola). The next morning on the 21st December it is Stephen and Bridget's last day of school. At the end of the day they come to meet Thomas at the sheds. They can't wait for Christmas. But George and Diesel long to spoil Christmas and their boss Diesel 10 wants them too. He leaves them in charge so he can go and steal the presents. Diesel orders Arry and Bert to take all the scrap away and D261 to make him some slime tea since he's thirsty. George orders Splatter and Dodge to get rid of Mavis at the Quarry and Bill and Ben too. Diesel 10 is happy when he comes back. He is in charge again and he has all the presents for them. On the 24th December in the evening the steamies are shocked, they have no presents. Thomas goes off in the night when the steamies are asleep, he goes to the Dieselworks to get the presents back. In the morning there are lots of presents for the steamies but hardly any for the diesels. Splatter and Dodge decide to join the steamies for Christmas so the bad diesels and George call him a traitor. Thomas lets the two diesels join them. They have a good Christmas but the diesels don't. Thomas calls this a happy ever after. The steamies, Fat Controller, Splatter and Dodge all shout 'We all lived happily ever after'. The mean diesels groan.

Characters and Cast

Thomas, Toby, Stepney & The Diesel-Ben Small

The Fat Controller, James, Percy, Gordon, Henry, Edward, Bill and Ben-Keith Wickham

Emily and Mavis-Teresa Gallagher

Diesel, Arry, Bert and George-Kerry Shale

Splatter-Neil Crone

Dodge-Kevin Frank

Diesel 10-Matt Wilkinson

Mary Sellers-Annie Potts

Ted Tree-Ned Beatty

Louie Wach-Michael Keaton

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