Thomas Saves the Railway


When Diesel 2 and Diesel 3 come to Sodor, they are friends with Diesel 10, Splatter and Dodge. They go into a lost cave and destroy an old engine called GoldDust. Diesel 10 plans for Steamies to be destroyed by getting a Destroyer Truck. Thomas Percy, Toby, Molly and Stanley find out and race into the cave. Soon they find GoldDust. Thomas couples up to him. Then they find the five diesels, but then the cave collapses. Thomas, Percy, Toby, Molly, Stanley and GoldDust escaped and do not get trapped in the cave. Diesel 10, Splatter, Dodge, Diesel 2 and Diesel 3 are left in the cave.Then Harvey and Rocky rescue them

The Fat Controller is really cross with them for destroying GoldDust and sends them to be scrapped. The Fat Controller rewards Thomas, Percy, Toby, Molly and Stanley for rescuing GoldDust.










Donald and Douglas

Oliver ** Does not speak


Diesel 2

Diesel 3





'Arry & Bert

Diesel 10

Splatter and Dodge

The Fat Controller

Lady Hat




Narrator: The Island of Sodor is a great place and here is Thomas Puffing down the track. Thomas is cheeky and fussy engine on the Fat Controller's Railway.

Thomas: Hello everybody welcome to the Island of Sodor.

Narrator: Here is Knapford Station. Lots of Engines work here.

(Edward and James pulling coal truck at Brendam Docks, Henry and Gordon are pulling Express Trains. Percy is pulling the Mail Vans. Toby is pulling Henrietta and Emily is pulling her coaches. Rosie and Molly are pulling coaches too. )

Narrator: One morning Thomas puffed into the yard and he saw Percy pulling coal trucks. His cheeks were as red as Jame's paintwork.

Percy: (Puffed Out Breathing) These trucks are very heavy.

Thomas: Don't worry Percy, I will help you get to Brendam Docks immediately.

Percy: Thank you Thomas.

Narrator: They raced whooshed up Gordon's Hill and went to the Docks together and on time. But then, the Fat Controller came.

The Fat Controller:Well done Thomas.

Thomas: Thank you Sir.

The Fat Controller: I am going on a holiday to Ireland. While I am away Lady Hat is going to be in charge. I have also brought 2 diesel engines to help. Diesel 2 and Diesel 3.

Thomas and Percy: Yes, we'll do as we are told by Lady Hat.

The Fat Controller: Thomas you must pick up Lady Hat from Mathwaite Station.

Thomas: Yes Sir.

The Fat Controller: I must go to the airport. Percy please take me there immediately.

Percy: Yes Sir.

The Fat Controller: Goodbye Thomas.

Narrator: Next morning Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Toby, Duck, Donald and Douglas were waiting for the 2 Diesels at Brendam Docks.

Edward: Oh my Goodness, here comes Diesel 2 and Diesel 3.

Diesel 3: (Irish Accent) Hello my friends. Dis is a good place de live.

Gordon: My pleasure smelly box on wheels!

Diesel 2: Hey, Diesel 3 he called you a smelly box on wheels.

Diesel 3: Never mind about him. He is just so silly.

Narrator: That night when all the engines were asleep, Diesel 2 and Diesel 3 saw a tunnel which was actually a cave. Soon they went in it and saw Diesel 10, Splatter and Dodge. Diesel 2 and Diesel 3 had a secret. The secret was they were actually evil diesels.

Diesel 10: Hellooooo. Are you evil diesels?

Diesel 2: Yes

Splatter & Dodge: Well we just found an engine in this cave and we want to destroy him.

Diesel 10: Should we?

Diesel 2 and Diesel 3: Yes

Dodge: Diesel 10, I've got a destroyer truck.

Diesel 10: GOOD

Narrator: Soon Diesel 10, Splatter, Dodge, Diesel 2 and Diesel 3 went down the track.

Diesel 10: We'll find that engine.

Narrator: Soon the five diesels found the engine. The engine's body was Gold. His paint was very shiny in the cave.

Diesel 10: Who are you?

Gold Dust: GoldDust

Diesel 10: Dodge, where is the Destroyer Truck?

Dodge: Right here.


GoldDust: Nooooo.

Narrator: Then smash, the engine was broken. His funnel was bent. Some of wheels had come off. His paint was badly scratch. His dome was cracked.

Diesel 10: Bye Bye Golden Engine.

Diesel 2: You're just a big smashed engine. Ha Ha!

Diesel 3: (Yells TO GoldDust) YOU'RE A BIG BULLY. HA HA!

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