Thomas Season 2 Episode Ideas is a fan-fiction thing to make.

My ideas os Season 17

Donald, Douglas & the Rubbish- Donald and Douglas are sent to work at the waste dump with Whiff and Scruff.

Thomas' Mixed-Up Day- Thomas takes the storyteller to the new library ceremony but takes the wrong track and gets lost.

Buffer Bashing- Donald and Douglas have accidents ruining the buffers.

Ladies First- James and Gordon are waiting in line for the water tower but Lady, Molly, Emily and Rosie cut in front of them.

BoCo Helps Derek- Derek returns to Sodor and needs help from BoCo throughout the day.

Splatter & Dodge's Story- Splatter and Dodge sit and tell each other stories instead of doing their work and get into trouble.

Mighty Mac & the Dairy- Mighty Mac is chosen to work at the dairy but decided to do more fun work instead.

Diesel 10 & the Trucks- Diesel 10 gets angry with the trucks when they won't cooperate and he crunches one in pieces.

Dig It!- Jack and Alfie dig a hole too close to the track and the little narrow gauge engines fall in it.

Colin's Christmas- Colin the Wharf Crane is moved to Blue Mountain Quarry and spends Christmas there and Sir Topham Hatt and Mr. Percival decide to keep him in Blue Mountain Quarry permanently.

Victor Fixes Molly- Molly purposely causes accidents to get out of work because she didn't get enough sleep and rests at the Steamworks everytime she's being fixed.

Rusty & Mister Bubbles- Mr. Bubbles comes to visit Blue Mountain Quarry and shows the children Luke, Merrick, Owen, the little engines and the sites of Blue Mountain Quarry blowing bubbles and distracting Rusty.

Sir Handel Hatt- Sir Topham Hatt tells SIr Handel that Mr. Percival is ill and that he'll be taking care of him and he puts Sir Handel in charge.

Dennis & the Diesels- Diesel 10, Norman, Diesel, Sidney and Daisy play tricks on the gulliable and lazy diesel Dennis.

Thomas & Paxton- Thomas and Paxton spend a day at Blue Mountain Quarry with the children.

Edward's Advice- Henry is worried about going to Blue Mountain Quarry so Edward gives him advice on how to not be nervous.

Henry Remembers- When Henry spends the night at Blue Mountain Quarry, he tells the little engines, Merrick and Owen about the time he got shut up in a tunnel.

Gordon the Important- Gordon takea a French artist to paint a picture of Sodor Seaside but he takes the French artist on his express route instead because he thinks his express route is more important.

James' Surprise- James gets an April Fool's surprise from Lady and Neville.

Percy & the Wind- Percy puffs along the seaside and likes hearing the wind blowing across his funnel.

Toby, Edward & the Special Train- A royal prince and princess come to Sodor and Emily and Gordon try hard to pull the royal train but Sir Topham Hatt chooses the old engines, Toby and Edward.

Duck Quacks- Donald, remembering the time Duck put a duckling in his tender, puts Dilly in Duck's cab and the engines tease him for "quacking."

Donald & Dilly- Dilly has ducklings and Donald names them after his friends in Scotland.

Douglas & Duncan- Duncan tells Douglas about Duncan's basis, Douglas, in the Tallylyn railway.


Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Toby, Duck, Donald and Douglas, Oliver, Emily, Bertie, The Workmen, Sir Topham Hatt, Mr. Percival, Lady, Molly, Rosie, Colin, BoCo, Derek, Diesel, Norman, Sidney, Paxton, Diesel 10, Splatter and Dodge, Bill and Ben, Mighty Mac, Skarloey, Rheneas, Sir Handel, Peter Sam, Rusty, Freddie, Mr. Bubbles, Victor and Kevin, Bash and Dash, Ferdinand, Ol' Weezy, Merrick, Owen, Luke, Winston, French Artist, Neville, Murdoch, Prince, Princess, Spencer, Dilly, Duncan, Troublesome Trucks, Madge, Jack, Alfie, NEd, Nelson, Kelly, Isobella, Elizabeth, George, Terence, Harold, Buster.

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