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Thomas and the Circus and Other Stories


  1. Thomas and the Circus
  2. Old Iron
  3. Pop Goes the Diesel
  4. Peace and Quiet
  5. The Fogman
  6. Salty's Secret
  7. Mavis
  8. Bulgy Rides Again
  9. The Sad Story of Henry
  10. James Goes Buzz Buzz
  11. Down the Mine


  1. Let's Have a Race
  2. Boo Boo Choo Choo
  3. Accidents Will Happen
  4. Engine Roll Call

Bonus Features

  • Character Gallery
  • Web Fun

Thomas Discoveries


  1. Don't Be Silly Billy
  2. Thomas Percy and the Squeak
  3. Jack Frost
  4. One Good Turn
  5. Pop Goes the Diesel
  6. Duncan gets Spooked
  7. Percy Chocolate Crunch
  8. Molly Special Special
  9. Runaway Elephant


  1. Come for the Ride
  2. Don't Dudge Book by the Cover
  3. Little Engines
  4. Engine Roll Call


  • James Connect-the-Dots
  • Sodor Spelling Game
  • Web Fun

Oliver's Find and Other Stories


  1. Oliver's Find
  2. Emily New Route
  3. Bertie Chase
  4. Big Strong Henry
  5. the Clue
  6. Oliver Owns Up
  7. Mavis
  8. Splish Splash Splosh


  1. Gone Fishing
  2. Sharing
  3. Five New Engines in the Shed
  4. Roll Call Engine

Bonus Features

  • Which Engine Game
  • Color with Salty
  • Splatter Opposites Game
  • Web Fun

Toby's Discovery and Other Stories

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