"Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends" were USA releases were distributed by Media Home Entertainment. Narrated by Ringo Starr and Michael Angelis US Narration with no byline can be seen on Thomas Gets Tricked/James Learns A Lesson, Tenders & Turntables/Thomas Breaks The Rules, Better Late Than Never, Best Of Percy, New Friends For Thomas, The Greatest Stories and Engine Friends, stories as seen on "Shining Time Station". Narrated by George Carlin, Alec Baldwin and Michael Brandon with no byline can be seen on Trust Thomas, Thomas, Percy & The Dragon/Daisy, James Goes Buzz Buzz/Thomas' Christmas Party, Thomas & The Special Letter/Thomas & His Friends Help Out, The Gallent Old Engine/Thomas Meets The Queen, Thomas & His Friends Get Along/A Big Day For Thomas, Thomas & Bertie's Great Race/Thomas' Useful Stories, Cranky Bugs/Races, Rescues & Runaways, 10 Years Of Thomas/Spills & Chills, Make Someone Happy/Thomas' Christmas Wonderland, Thomas' Trackside Tunes/Best Of Thomas, Best Of Percy/Best Of James, Salty's Secret/Percy's Chocolate Crunch, James & The Red Balloon, Thomas' Snowy Surprise/Best Of Gordon, Thomas & The Jet Engine/Hooray For Thomas, Percy Saves The Day/Thomas & The Really Brave Engines, Thomas' Halloween Adventures/Thomas' Magical Musical Ride, Quarry Adventures On Sodor, Ultimate Christmas/On Site With Thomas, Roundhouse Rhythms/Thomas' Trusty Friends, Holiday Express/The Greatest Stories, Engine Friends/Mud, Glorious Mud, Two Thomas Adventures/Thomas' Sodor Stories, Thomas' Trainyard Adventures/Fun With Thomas and Thomas' Fan Favorite Adventures, stories as seen on "Shining Time Station", also narrated by George Carlin and Alec Baldwin with Heron Communications byline can be seen on Thomas Gets Bumped/Percy's Ghostly Trick, Rusty To The Rescue/Sing-Along & Stories and Thomas Comes To Breakfast/Thomas & The Magic Railroad, stories as seen on "Shining Time Station". We were distributed by Media Home Entertainment, Hi-Tops Video, Strand Home Video, Yes and TV Teddy, Time-Life Video, Video Treasures and Anchor Bay Entertainment.

  • Thomas Gets Tricked & Other Stories/James Learns A Lesson & Other Stories
  • Tenders & Turntables & Other Stories/Thomas Breaks The Rules & Other Stories
  • Better Late Than Never & Other Stories/Trust Thomas & Other Stories
  • Thomas, Percy & The Dragon & Other Stories/Daisy & Other Thomas Stories
  • James Goes Buzz Buzz & Other Thomas Stories/Thomas' Christmas Party & Other Favorite Stories
  • Thomas & The Special Letter & Other Stories/Thomas & His Friends Help Out
  • The Gallent Old Engine & Other Thomas Stories/Thomas Meets The Queen & Other Stories
  • Thomas & His Friends Get Along/A Big Day For Thomas
  • Thomas & Bertie's Great Race & Other Adventures/Thomas' Useful Stories
  • Thomas Gets Bumped & Other Stories/Percy's Ghostly Trick & Other Thomas Stories
  • Rusty To The Rescue & Other Thomas Stories/Sing-Along & Stories
  • Thomas Comes To Breakfast/Thomas & The Magic Railroad
  • Cranky Bugs & Other Thomas Stories/Races, Rescues & Runaways & Other Thomas Adventures
  • 10 Years Of Thomas/Spills & Chills & Other Thomas Thrills
  • Make Someone Happy & Other Thomas Adventures/Thomas' Christmas Wonderland & Other Thomas Adventures
  • Thomas' Trackside Tunes & Other Thomas Adventures/Best Of Thomas
  • Best Of Percy/Best Of James
  • Salty's Secret & Other Thomas Adventures/Percy's Chocolate Crunch & Other Thomas Adventures
  • James & The Red Balloon & Other Thomas Adventures/New Friends For Thomas & Other Thomas Adventures
  • Thomas' Snowy Surprise & Other Thomas Adventures/Best Of Gordon
  • Thomas & The Jet Engine & Other Adventures/Hooray For Thomas & Other Adventures
  • Percy Saves The Day & Other Adventures/Thomas & The Really Brave Engines & Other Adventures
  • Thomas' Halloween Adventures/Thomas' Magical Musical Ride
  • The Early Years/Quarry Adventures On Sodor
  • Ultimate Christmas/On Site With Thomas & Other Adventures
  • Roundhouse Rhythms/Thomas' Trusty Friends
  • Holiday Express/The Greatest Stories
  • Engine Friends/Mud, Glorious Mud
  • Two Thomas Adventures/Thomas' Sodor Stories
  • Thomas' Trainyard Adventures/Fun With Thomas
  • Thomas' Fan Favorite Adventures

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