Season 1 (George Carlin)

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

  1. "Thomas And The Jet Engine/Middle Engine/James and The Red Balloon/Percy's Chocolate Crunch/Buffer Bother/Toby Had A Little Lamb/Music Video "Accidents Will Happen"

Season 6

  1. "Horray For Thomas/Emily's New Coaches"
  1. "James and The Queen Of Sodor/Rhenaes and The Roller Coaster"
  1. "Bill, Ben and Fergus/The Runaway Elephant"

Season 7

  1. "Thomas, Emily and The Snowplough/Percy and The Magic Carpet"
  1. "Percy's Big Mistake/Fish"
  1. "Thomas and The Circus/Henry and The Wishing Tree"
  1. "Thomas To The Rescue/Gordon Takes Charge/Flower Power"
  1. "Enily's Adventure/Percy's New Whistle"

Season 8

  1. "Thomas and The Birthday Picnic/Molly's Special Special"
  1. "Thomas's Day Off/Keeping Up With James"
  1. "Thomas and The Rainbow/Henry and The Flagpole"
  1. "Thomas and The Toy Workshop/Emily Knows Best"

Season 9

  1. "Thomas's Frosty Friend/Big Strong Henry"
  1. "Sticky Taffy Thomas/Toby's New Shed"
  1. "Thomas and The Birthday Mail/Percy and The Carnival"
  1. "Thomas and The Shooting Star/It's Good To Be Gordon"
  1. "Thomas and Skarloey's Big Day Off/Emily and The Special Cars"

Season 10

  1. "Thomas and The Lighthouse/Henry's Lucky Trucks"
  1. "Don't Be Silly, Billy/Hector The Horrid!"
  1. "Thomas and The Stinky Cheese/Edward and The Mail"
  1. "Thomas In Trouble/Emily and The Garbadge"

Season 11

  1. "Thomas and The Billboard/The Party Surprise"
  1. "James Works It Out/Tram Trouble"

Season 12

  1. "Thomas and The Pigs/Snow Tracks"
  1. "Thomas and The Runaway Kite/The Lion Sodor"
  1. "Toby's New Whistle/Buzzy Bees"
  1. "Creaky Cranky/Percy's Parcel"
  1. "Henry's Good Deeds/Tickled Pink/The Biggest Present Of All"

Season 13

  1. "Thomas and The Snowman Party/Henry's Magic Box"
  1. "Pop Goes Thomas/James In The Dark"
  1. "Thomas's Tall Friend/Diesel's Special Delivery"

Season 14

  1. "Percy The Snowman/Let It Snow/Up, Up and Away"
  1. "Gordon and Ferdinand/Big Belle"
  1. "Emily and Dash/Edward The Hero"
  1. "Spencer The Grand/Wonky Whistle"

Season 15

  1. "Thomas and The Sounds Of Sodor/Emily's Winter Party Special/The Christmas Express"
  1. "Salty's Surprise" (last episode)

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